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Auction and bid from home. All proceeds benefit the Chicago Blackhawks Foundation. John White men Try Mary and Chris Boden here at the United Center. Happy to have all of you long. What? Nothing in favor of the blue jackets. As we rejoin the play nickel abode. A hot blue line will pass the puck ahead. Off of Carl Soderberg stick into the Blue Jackets zone. It's quickly cleared ahead by Riley Nash to Eric Robinson checked in front of the bench is buys your door off as the puck tumbles into the hawk in boating, handles it there. Shaw Center ice to suit over the jacket line to sober down the flat. He shoots, and it's kicked out of there with the right pants say from Corpus, sallow, great passing play by those three Sean. The left corner is your fedora flat point hammers a long shot that sails wide of the net. Robinson along the far boards hit by Shaw. Coughed up the puck, but Mikko Koivu will now take it between the circles and tosses it down to Dean cooking, and he'll back in behind the Columbus net. Stop and have a look. Jamie Culton has switched suitor. And strong strong is now out there in the center position between you and Mark and Patrick Kane. See if they can't change it up a little bit offensively here. The in foodie chases Duncan Keith down behind the Hawk net, but Keith kept the puck away to Mitchell. Enough. The right wing to cane at center ice. Put it across the ring Keith over the jacket line down the left wing since a bouncer behind the net rolls up the far side to Strom put it out to the right point, Mitchell Slapped the puck down behind the Jackets. Net Out there by Jones, who works it around and up the near side. Foodie is there and passing at its center ice to Mikhail Grigorenko, except the Buffalo sabers list. The pocket of the hog zone. And Duncan Keith now has it along the left wing side. Patrick Kane at center. Ice up the right wing behind the back feet. Two strong men over the jacket line top of the right circle, trying to hit Connor Murphy the trailer on the play. Murphy was a little late getting off the bench. If he hands it over to Calvin, the Han and Hill. Fire it down the glass and then behind the jacket. Net hawks completing their line. Change the jackets. Get the fuck back. Here is Jones along the right boards, passing up the left wing at center ice. Alexander texture flips it back into the jackets own Gawronski. Under the.

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