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Two five nine AJ Austin ninety nine point seven FM why did he do it I'm Dave Anthony fox news as a big question in Texas the day after man with a shot gun opened fire in a church killing two worshipers we have agencies throughout the area and beyond interviewing associates and and working on trying to get to the bottom of the shooter's motive FBI special agent Matthew to start over at farmers the church pastor in white settlement Texas have something like this happen destroys my heart this is a good wars the gunman was shot and killed six seconds after he opened fire by armed church goers on a volunteer security team before the government kill others in New York democratic governor Andrew Cuomo wants a new domestic terror law after Saturday's attack a rabbi's home in Muncie north of New York City this is intolerance makes a difference meets illegality the attacker was arrested hours later after driving in Manhattan is now held on five million dollars bail charged with attempted murder in Thomas pleaded not guilty prosecutors say he stormed the home has sixty people were gathered to celebrate the seven night of Hanukkah was hacking people with a machete police say five people were injured two of them critically fox's Jackie Heinrich congressman is battling cancer boxes Rachel Sutherland live in Washington date congressman John Lewis of Georgia civil rights icon announces undergoing treatment for stage for pancreatic cancer the seventy nine year old says he's going to continue to serve in Congress this condition was discovered during a routine medical visit in the statement Lewis said while he's clear eyed about his prognosis medical advances have made this cancer treatable in many cases adding he has a fighting chance congressman Lewis is represented Georgia's fifth congressional district district for more than thirty years Dave Rachel U. S. went on the attack in Iraq and Syria hitting sites that I've been used to stage recent attacks on the US led coalition include one Friday the killed American contractor and injured for U. S. troops in for cocoa rock America's listening to fox news good morning it's XO two I'm Jake Ryan in this report is brought to you by the good feed store here is what's topping Austin's news a man is dead two people have been detained after shooting Sunday night this according to Round Rock police three there were reports of gunshots Sunday around ten PM and we had a Boulevard near Greenlaw Boulevard that's just east of forty five nine thirty five officers found a man with gunshot wounds and was taken to the hospital where is pronounced dead a spokesman for the city of Round Rock says police have detained two people although it's unclear at this time how they are connected to the investigation the victim's name has not been released and police are asking anyone with information about the shooting to call there's been another deadly chemical plant accident in the Houston area kill BJ's John Martin Dempsey reports Harris County sheriff's deputy say to workers died while cleaning a chemical tank in Pasadena east of Houston the deputies responded to reports of an incident at the chemical plant around one thirty AM Saturday both workers went into the back of an eighteen Wheeler tank and never came out investigators say the workers may have been overcome by fumes an investigation is underway autopsy report marbles also confirmed the death of a pregnant Pflueger one woman was caused by a stabbing thirty two year old Jennifer chill on my EVGA was certain her first trimester when she was stabbed in the home in the sixteen hundred block of the school will lane on December twenty seventh when EMS arrived they found a Beachy lying on the kitchen floor with obvious injuries to her abdomen and face the were consistent with an assault with a sharp object police found her brother twenty five year old Michael a gala they get near the residence with blood on them in an eight to ten inch bloody knife near him as well court documents say Beachy call her family members earlier about a guy what having issues before the incident like I was in charge of murder is also being and held in custody of the Travis county jail and a five hundred thousand dollar bond radio shock jock don Imus has died he was known for his many controversies which got him fired from several radio stations the Hollywood reporter's Matthew Bellamy tells is so host like I miss could be six the wonders of holes like I miss could be successful in today's day and age I don't know if someone coming up in radio right now could you get the kind of mainstream audience that he did speaking the way that he did now who knows if there might be fringe audiences that kind of discussion would appeal to I'm a studded Baylor Scott and white Medical Center in college station after being hospitalized since Christmas Eve he was seventy nine years old Williamson County sheriff's deputies some rodeo skills to cash short capture feral hog found running loose in the central Texas apartment complex share of Robert Jody showed a video on Sunday after the deputy lasso the heart which she found running freely in the highly populated area no word as to what the officers did with the hog after its capture he'll be a news time is six oh five time now for a look at Austin's on time traffic with Patrick Panday just a couple small delays up there one is at south bound mopac near shoreline drive the others at keystone to ninety right before you hit five thirty five your exports at six fifteen and Patrick band a with Austin's on time traffic plenty of sunshine today the high sixty four clear and chilly tonight the low near thirty from the weather center I'm meteorologist Tampa now ski and currently forty two degrees in labor lake I'm Jake also get Austin's ondemand on demand news at newsradio Kaylee J. dot com the voice is trying to so use it right here the country's gonna have and so is on the air coming up on six oh six here on news radio he'll be Jay.

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