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Save time. And they need some help in the secondary. They did they didn't they didn't take. I mean Lynch tells us the offer they made for Khalil Mack was the same as the one the bears did basically. Yeah. Look, but we heard we heard Reggie can't you say at the time when they made the trade they wanted to go to the team, and they thought was going to have the highest drastic. And they would be the bears. The bears are winning the NFC north right now they're leading Asian and the Niners are the team that I think their position for like the number two pick right now behind the giants. So this could be another thing if we're gonna pile on the raiders those are more fuel on that. Don't forget Steve after the Niners play the raiders they play the New York Giants. So all the the drek continues. Hey, man, we appreciate the chat that was really good. And we'll hope to have you on again. Thanks for the time. Man. Thanks to anytime. Guys. Check him out on NFL network. And dude, I mean, he called it that slow burn. Now this first two years and and much like the giants. Other teams are getting creative. He mentioned the Rams go in and getting these guys the Niners have not been creative in going and getting guys, and they're just kind of those injuries happen in like, well, we have guys in the building. But they don't and the. As we said a bunch this year, you know, even the number one draft picks they have on the field or on the roster that aren't injured those guys just aren't delivering right now. They're not playing like number one draft pick honeymoons last what a year and a half. I mean is it is it is the honeymoon over. I'll think Z timetable on. Hi, my name is over. Shanahan and Lynch. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. Yeah. Now, we're gonna start on, you know, just. Hey in August. When we go back down their doors shows from the by we'll have our second honeymoon. We'll like renew our vows. You know what I'm saying? Or could be our, you know, our our fourth or fifth marriage. Oh, yes. A divorce? The Niners are gonna be like the Elizabeth Taylor the NFL because Tom sue Kelly. Yeah. She goes through five six, right? I think. Bigger and bigger even beat Murph. Don't forget about the great Abebe Gallini. New back nicely done. We got daily. Does it dubs Jayson stark? I'll stick around six eighty these sports later just not.

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