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Every time someone says, it does mean something you're in a club with Meryl Streep and some of your other idols and now people were friends of yours. What does it mean to be in that sort of elite club? You may not think of it that way but people on the outside certainly do. Has It changed your life's I. Know It's changed your career I'm sure. But does it change your life to be Oscar winner Viola Davis. Yeah. It's changed my life to be Oscar winner to. Be On a TV show the TV, show really out on my life even more than the Oscar, tell you the truth. Everything is. All of it as the money all of it I remember someone saying you know if you're not poor anymore I was like. You didn't know what that information is but. Yeah it's. It's totally but I'll tell you what it's probably more of transformation to people who observe my life in me being in it right me being in it I don't know the viola that you talk about. I don't I'm aware that you know it. But in my every day when I had my rap over my head and I'm running around with my daughter and we're going to Ralph's or bonds and I'm cooking. I'm Biolo-. I'm me. And you know in terms of me getting through my everyday life and certainly living a meaningful life it. Doesn't play a role except for the power of influence. Which is what I'm doing here the power of influence is. I will say that the power to literally stand up on the stage and have people listen to you when you're coming from a pass when one saw you know one listened to you. So it's like now, what do you WanNa? Say What do you want to do you know? Helps that you have such a presence to a lot of people have the platform, but they can't deliver it. I would argue the way you deliver it have you always had this presence about you you speak almost poetically and. I mean, it's not everybody who can pull that off. Is that part of being an actor been comfortable on a stage? Well well. Comfort is like a dirty word for an actor. You know that they tell you not right for comfort right to be uncomfortable in the moment you're alive and all that you're not afraid of the spotlight on stage clearly well. Sometimes I am but. I'm I'm used to it. I'm used to the spotlight I. Guess I'm used to the camera being. Placed on me. I am thank you for listening to the Sunday. Sit Down podcast stick around to hear more from Oscar winner, Viola Davis, including what her younger self with think of the woman she sees now. The, the Press Chuck Todd.

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