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To find out about entering the win. The five thousand dollars scholarships and see the official rules go to Liberty Dot E._D._U.. Slash Ken enter to win and apply now Liberty Dot E._d._U.. Slash Ken I. I'm so excited about our two free resources at Ken Coleman Dot Com. It's about helping you get the job that you're looking for here. The two resources how to write the perfect resume five ways resume and land the dream job. What are we doing in this guide? We are helping you understand that. A resume without a relationship is worthless. We're going to teach you how to flip the resume with an actual template so you lead with who you know next once you get that perfect resume submitted committed with a connection. You're going to get a phone call and then the interview is the moment where you got to perform how to win. The interview is the second resource five strategies on standing out in the hiring process folks. You've got to win the interview and we walk you through the five five things you need to be prepared for so that you can perform and get the job. Both resources are get higher. Guides are free right now. Ken Coleman Dot Com. Don't wait a second go Ken Coleman Dot Com and get hired. Welcome back America. You're listening to the Ken Coleman show helping you discover what you were created to do and then come up with a plan to make that dream a reality eight four four seven four seven to five seven seven is the number eight four four seven four seven to five seven seven is the phone number thrilled to have you with us. If you listen to the show via the.

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