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Through implementation through you know delivery in a fan of all in it's a attract run for us it because it's lionesses the hazard being a planners that we plan plans better planners at planned plans absolutely yeah don't don't let fivetimes fast dia i am a professional at all i i like the fact that we bring in the gp yes plan into this because i find that it's a great tool to use to help people pay off debt because i i do believe paying off debt is a great thing to do especially if it's bad debt however what i see is people trade one bad debt for another without actually fixing the issue this is exactly what cindy was dealing with our when she sat down with me last week she said to me i want to pay hey all my home equity line before i retire this year now those are all going off my head in our mike cindy how much is the banks pay off the equity line it's fifteen thousand dollars now don't get me wrong i get a sense of anxiety for not why deck in retirement but noone cindy like i do she has a certain income need plus she has a casper zor that has the stay at a certain level so she pays that fifteen thousand dollars and a lump sum her cash reserves will fall below the level wishing feels like she needs more money now this is a very common issue having to make tough choices do i pay my mortgage that i have no debt in retirement but running the risk of leaving my retirement in my layer you short or dope payoff the mortgage and have plenty of current income but be concerned that i can't pay my debt in later years this is a huge problem for most retirees tattoo problems that need to be solved but can only afford.

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