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Nineteen hundred dollar stock so it's a like a hundred ninety dollars stock going up nine roku more losses but less losses than expected in sales better than expected closed at one OO one I got it one ten in the aftermarket car Vanna close to fifty eight I got it at sixty eight Selanne Jello moving on the plate kids but not all upside you ready today may celeb down thirty forty two twenty two new relic any W. are down twenty four hours the sixty dollars penumbra down eighteen cable one thirteen middle be twelve cyber Oct a previous leader down eleven Bucks slicing through everything a bio med ten A. M. I. pharmaceuticals and SP be financial ten as the regional banks of get bludgeoned zancor nine Disney on earnings down seven and that's what we mean by cello moving on the plate planet fitness down five previously to was down and at one time by the way so just pay attention kids there's a lot more where this came from as we move forward now what's my best guess well normally I would tell you normally if there wasn't all the central bank interference I would just say to you but today looks like a little bit of wash out near term probably get some upside testing I can I can't say that and I say that because I know for a fact that the reason why the market rally this because they sent the fat head out that's the only reason why it rally but I don't know if that's good news but there is some good news Wall about twenty five or thirty growth names of gone by the wayside broken support they look like they come back right now still with the same amount still with decent amount the hang in there just a lot less so will simply do keep that list from the center as we try to measure the market is tough it is it is it is right now because of all the interference of all the interlopers and if we deem that the markets out of the woods we know with with the leadership is going to be I'm just not so sure the markets out of the woods gold had another strong day but off the highs when the market rallied then I would suggest gold maybe petered out the second just a second but remains bullish just expanded just over bought just the the rest then maybe today was that point in time where it hits the proverbial wall not a hundred percent sure but I would say odds favor that's occurring at this juncture did I mention the socks was up ten today when I mention it because it's very important finished just off the fifty day but let me just say this very white loose very all over the map you better make sure you get the right direction right now or else the Dow held the two hundred day moving average that I the S. and P. and nasdaq never got there but had pretty decent reverses today.

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