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To travel to the west in the 1990s royce his crates european security agencies and has published pictures of two passports issued by the brazilian embassy in prague and used by kim and his father ninety ninety six kim reportedly traveled under the name yossef prague brazilian citizen born sao paulo in 1983 canada's government is focusing its deficit will narrow to eighteen point one billion canadian dollars in the coming fiscal year according to its budget the document titled equality growth a strong middleclass has a strong gender narrative amongst proposals to increase female labour force participation new funding is included to encourage both parents to shed and parental leave and the australian government has ordered the recall of two point three million caused you to forty takata airbags exploding airbags have been linked to at least twenty three deaths worldwide including one in australia the government said the move answer global recall of more than one hundred million vehicles the biggest an automotive history global news 24 hours a day powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries i'm sandra kilholf this is bloomberg carmine thanks soldier china's official manufacturing gauge fell the most in five years in february the weak data joins a growing list of challenges facing equity bulls in hong kong a hawkish fed wreck would outflows from mainland investors and jittery markets abboud have combined to make the hang seng china enterprises of the world's worst performing index this month provoked china a chief aim asia economics corresponded and college joins us now from hong kong really good to speak to get enda it does the pmi data then suggest that we should be bracing for a sharper than expected slowdown in china because of course you also had the the lunar new year holiday factor they've there a good morning your we give them deducts the competent factor main on a headline braces it's certainly a signal of caution when it comes to china's call me that perhaps activity is motoracing we know of course that the government wants to slow the pace of credit growth in the economy nuts inevitably going to have an impact on the activity underground but as you mentioned the problem with his pmi number is it's hard to separate the.

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