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To get the Churchill Downs on the first Saturday in may, did you ever imagine as a kid that you would be hosting the national coverage of the Kentucky Derby, not for one half of one second. That's darn sure. I do remember watching Jim McKay wide world of sports back in the day. Bring the Kentucky Derby coverage on the triple crown, and I was lucky enough at the end of gyms career to work with him at ABC and know, what horse racing met you especially in Baltimore Pimlico. We always think of Jim that respects so much to him. And that's where I really remember spectacular bid horses. Like that back when I was growing up in the seventies. And what the triple crown meant nationally, the sport of horse racing obviously has evolved over time. It's become more of a regional sport. But this is the national day for the sport. And if we get lucky, and we'll get a justify in the sport carries on with a great run here through may and early June. Bob Baffert has emerged as the face of the sports specially at derby time for those who don't follow horse racing on a regular basis. Is there a figure personality from another sport that perhaps you could draw comparison with Bob kind of help us understand his impact on the sport? Baffert? It's odd that a coach if you wanna quit jockey a player at a coach to a trainer, it's odd that a coach would become the face of a sport. But I think Baffert's become that whether it's the silver hair or his ability to be very telegenic in Telugu story on camera and be. Very open to share with TV audience and the writers who around horse racing everything that's going on. He's the one continuous face. We've seen at the biggest events year in year out wanted to almost say, you know, you start throwing a Gregg Popovich around where it's sustained excellence, and it's at a high level, and it seems that everybody who comes to him. Performs better that's of Popovich or Bill Belichick. Those types championship coaches or trainers at the biggest moments they deliver their best, and they take the athletes human or equine and seem to get them to perform at a higher level. The most all of their other peers on a regular basis in the biggest moments. You mentioned Jim McKay. He used to say that it fascinated him to think of two events the Kentucky Derby and the Indianapolis five hundred taking place roughly two hours apart a couple of weeks apart. How excited are you? And.

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