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Movie fans don't care but whatever it was a good moment of what they get the looting to there's someone else that they work for make some sense knitting based on all news reports that this is a standalone movie with no sequels planned at least that they make this thing where it's it's very much like what will care darth maul new do next the forests something yeah no he's not he's not into the force anymore he's just a mobster now he's just a mobster favor he does not feel great about about the two i media gets back into the four stuff a little bit a little bit but like he's basically said like no the like sold me out yeah yeah mention that he's going to teach her something gonna teach her mobster stuff obstacle webster's teacher he just says that they're going to work closely together that ties the university other it's called money money cold hard cash money this has been an excellent discussion of solo star wars story and i would like to thank my panelists for rushing out to the movie theater and seeing it or in fills case going to oppress junkin at i'll m and putting back kelly amonte thank you thanks so much for having me erica and sign thank you i'm going to go take a nap in the lap of a wouki tony sindelar thank you goodbye nerds dan moore and own well that's offensive a mike thank you jason i think podcast like this could start a rebellion.

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