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Are going after your health care that's friday on this morning america's first news starting tomorrow morning at three after coast to coast am on koa newsradio for what it's worth i'm michelle franzen if santa didn't bring you everything on your list there's still time to cash in and try out your luck with not one but two lotteries boasting a combined jackpot more than six hundred million dollars and growing noone held power balls winning numbers in wednesday's draw at jackpot rolling over to three hundred eighty four million crushing the hopes of many like adolfo escobar who bought a ticket money so what israel might get lucky makes for money that after mega millions also failed to turn up a winner tuesday night for a jackpot over three hundred million despite the double chances of winning big some say those sit it out it's not a gun rumor expensive to play at king two daughters i don't play um he flicking for some enough time i think if it is are a thing the next mega millions drawing as friday powerball saturday which means you have a chance to strike it rich heading into the new year for what it's worth michelle franzen abc news koa newsradio time is nine fifty coming up on colorado's morning news why metabolic flexibility could be the key to keeping your new year's resolution we're going to check it live with the folks at see you bolder sports medicine center right after traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the tens with rick morgan overall or drive still in great shape form a west side do have a couple of issues the deal with still slow slowing westbound c 470 earlier crash approaching and i seventy cleared out of the way but it's slow pretty every they're just west of alameda get up toward i 70 than you're in good shape book you're jumping on eastbound i seventy you're going to have some more slowdowns goes there do as a bridge work at denver west it's down two lanes there and that's back and things up uh to uh six th avenue at the moment in the high country still have those delays on westbound i 70 from the top floyd hill.

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