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That's komo's Suzanne Phan a month after giving an inspiring speech to middle school kids in Tacoma. A one time gang member recently out of prison appears to have blown a second chance to get the update live from komo's Carleen Johnson. Well, this is one of the Halloween candy robbers took took candy from kids at gunpoint across the city of Tacoma six years ago, Zion Houston's gone years Twenty-three now is seventeen van and the judge gave him and the other robber a huge break last year. Releasing them back in may. And then both been said after taking self-improvement classes, they were so grateful for the second chance. They wanted to help other young people to not make the mistakes that they made and Houston's Conyers made a big impression on middle school students at Jason Lee a month ago. This our first Halloween outweigh the messages. Anything's possible. If we're doing this just you know to give back well Houston's Conyers is now back behind bars. That Tacoma news Tribune reports he was rearrested Tuesday after a gang unit stopped the car. He was driving on a pistol thirteen packages of heroin and prescription medication. He's not guilty. Carleen johnson. Komo news. Seattle mayor Jenny durken will sign an executive order to help small businesses. This comes on the first anniversary of the creation of the small business. Advisory council after meeting with the council, the mayor plans to announce some new actions to support those businesses a car's engine came out when the driver crash last night, a suspected drunk driver flip. The car on highway five zero nine at south Cloverdale driver was not hurt the driver accused of causing a crash in west Seattle this week that said a pregnant woman and her two young children to the hospital entered a not guilty plea yesterday. Matthew retina is charged with DUI and hit and run. Witnesses say he crashed into the car with that young family, then took off police caught him a short distance later. The woman of the kids are, okay. The judge set bail at seventy five hundred dollars in rats who will have to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet renting an apartment in Seattle. Generally means you don't.

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