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The pride passion that pageantry of college football lives here. This is the Paul finebaum show, our Ford podcast. And we welcome you back. Final hour of the program is live and it has been one for the ages to say the least. Let's keep going here with more phone calls. We have a couple more guests to go as we begin to wrap the week off. We were looking for our buddy Larry a minute ago and we never could find him. Larry, are you there? Yeah I'm here. Man, I have to go get a copy of this now. Must be hard to hear. That's not what I can tell at what a fool. I watched you say I'm all in on that. She's probably locked a little lower goodbye, you know? Yeah, I thought she was fine. I don't mean to be a prude at my age. I thought she was a little bit forward for my tastes. Yeah, you know, why did you get Joe in there? That's what other ones want to have to do with it. Nothing. But get me out of that together Monday, man. Okay? I don't know, Larry. I think I'm done with it. I think the dating the dating game is going to try. When you got to the job all right, he got as much skin under his candy. I'm like another fighter person. I mean, hell, man, you shot me here moon, man. Why'd you even get him on that word? Begin with blue. I was waiting for three hours for you to call in. You never did. I know I was taking a power now, man you ever do that. Not usually during the day. Yeah, okay. So far now, but you could have helped me. I was good, buddy. My as you could have kicked my heart in one great one. While you were napping, Rome was burning. Yeah. And I lose. I feel like I think your nap may have saved you some heartache, frankly. You rap about after I listened to ugly Joe when we went to pretty well. You're a good man. I'm pretty sure. You know, Larry, you did well by napping today. Will you take care of yourself? Thanks so much. Let's continue. You got it, Mike is up next in Virginia. Hey Mike. Hey, how do I tell you what? That does a good history lesson on less than two. Thank you. I want to thank you so problems of penicillin shot. At least minimum. Well, Charles from right down. He's got to be a direct descendant of Ernest T bass. I think you're right. But you know, you know, you know, I've talked to you several times. I'm a diehard hokey, Virginia tech fan, but I'm also a pretty smart football guy when it comes to football. And I'm small enough to know that our championships will run through the SEC. Correct. And football. And I got news for these Clemson fans and think they're all that. Is if they were in the SEC playing their schedule, they would last the whole season. Do you agree with that? Yeah, I think there is only one year and I believe it was three years ago that I think Clemson could have done that. But most years you're right. I mean, this year is not a good example, because they couldn't last. The whole season in the ACC. Well, you know, the first year they beat Alabama. They don't lose Disney naked 'cause if you remember, then the Death Valley for junior tech was 8 yard line and got two straight bogus calls. The second year they beat Alabama. I think they could have that's the one year I think they could have survived. Yes, probably, but I think then we had, I think we're probably straight about three. And I love him. Don't get me wrong. I think he probably stayed three or four years too long, but now I think we've got us another young young Weber in the name of our pride. Really? The fans appear love and every year when he snows on the drill field cadets in the stones getting a snowball fight where he was rising middle of it. Well, you know, I agree. That's a hard thing. And I feel the same way you do about Frank. I saw him this year when I was in Columbia and really enjoy it. But yeah, it's hard to know that is the toughest thing I think in any industry is to know when to go. Nobody wants to lead to oral. And then once you don't leave too early, you're probably going to leave too late. Yeah. Because Frank mirror in all of our tech ads, he could welcome water. I've actually seen a book on water Smith mountain Lake. In a world. Great, great to hear from you. Thank you very much. JD is an Arkansas. You're on the air guard head JD. Hey, Paul, this is JD. And stuck guard again. Your son was really entertaining today. You know. Thank you. You're matching up people. Unbelievable, but Paul win thought to you what you think about the Arkansas, Tennessee basketball game comes Saturday. Is that game in Knoxville or Fayetteville? The Knoxville. Yeah. I'm not an Arkansas fan. I'm from North Carolina. But I live out here now, but I'm pulling for Tennessee. Yeah, I think, listen, I don't think there's outside of Kentucky and auburn. Nobody's playing better than Arkansas. I mean, they have just been unreal lately. But I think Tennessee is a tough team to beat at home. And I'd probably give Tennessee.

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