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Any reduction in vaccine, but it would probably be level for the next several weeks. We would then see it go up a little bit. In the first major break that he could see would be in possibly March. When Johnson and Johnson vaccine may be ready and be approved and out on the market, and so we will we hope to start receiving Johnson and Johnson in In March. This point. Governor says states still planning to make people 75 over eligible for shots next week, however, that could change right now. Indiana and Kentucky are making shots available to everyone over 70, though point was to get vaccinated are very hard to find. In fact, we check the websites for Ohio and Kentucky today couldn't find any available. Appointment's in Indiana. You can't get a appointment. If you're 70 year over. Get a shot at the Dearborn County location in Lawrenceburg Event Center, But the first available appointment isn't until February, the ninth just by firefighters battle flames this morning and Fairmount firing Montrose out Now, no reports of any injuries. Damage put a $30,000 mega millions. Jackpot will be growing again. No winner Skin last night means the jackpot for the drawing this weekend, I'll be close to a billion dollars. There's a $700 million jackpot up for grabs in tonight's Powerball game as well again. We are waiting for the president to the part the White House for one final time. 45th, president of the United States to be replaced day. Donald Trump will be leaving to head to Florida before the inauguration of Joe Biden will have coverage throughout the morning..

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