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Fansites with Lisa Jaffe are common news time five oh two I'm surely harder the Dow dropped more than a thousand points today coronavirus concerns throughout the world economy I asked my cal said of Seattle's al said capital if we're headed to a similar situation to the downturn of two thousand eight no we're not there yet you know but he says we should be concerned with the level of debt in this country which is higher now than it was back then and that could lead to rough times in the economy I'm Jeff postal Democrats Olympia have unveiled to supplemental budget proposals one from the house and one from the Senate both use the state's record revenues to pay for programs for the homeless mental health and raising Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement rates but Republicans argue that money should go to a tax cut lawmakers have until March twelfth to reach an agreement I'm Brian Harris with a bill to legalize sports gambling in Washington again moving forward only limited to tribal casinos on the idea of the tribes are best suited to be partners trusted to keep it safe Vicky Kristofferson with card room operator maverick gaming told the state house committee this is frankly insulting and not true the card room managers say limiting sports betting the tribes will cost them jobs two people have been taken to Harborview after what's being described as a stabbing in Kenmore the king county sheriff's office says it happened this afternoon that a market along northeast one hundred eighty first near seventy third investigators say a sixteen year old clerk was stabbed by a thirty year old suspect both have life threatening injuries we'll bring you more information on this developing story as we get it and police in Kent are searching for a shooter after what's described as a road rage incident last night began about ten PM around southeast two hundred fortieth and a hundred fourth investigators say the victim and shooter were headed west on two hundred forty at the injured driver hit twice.

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