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Good afternoon. This is Scott Walker. News talk WINS, and we are on the Mark Belling show, as you can tell does you have been frequent listeners know that Mark is off a little bit. And I'm Scott Walker filling in ABI here today and tomorrow, you boy, we got a lot to talk about a lot to talk about I want to get right into it. But I I want to tell you a little bit folks have been asking what we're up to. But you know, it's interesting when I some of you may have heard about it, obviously Mark was supposed to be on a cruise last week and this week. And So Jerry bought the program director who still a couple of days here. I think Dave actually who's filling in for Paul listen, one of those days, I picked up a little bit on that podcast. Dave to hear what you're doing a good job as well. Thanks next day. But Paul is holding down literally holding down the ship on the cruise that Mark was supposed to be. So awhile back. Jerry asked me if I would fill in for a couple of days when Mark was on the cruise. It's it's a little bit of God's providence. Already prepared to help fill in a little bit here today. But certainly said Mark our prayers not only for recovery, but I know knowing Mark well over the years having been on both his radio in years ago in his TV show, send him prayers for patients because I know part of the challenge is just trying to figure out how to maneuver through all this and deal with the after effects in eyesight and that, but I know he's doing well. I know I looked at some things he's been posting on Belling dot com. So take a look at that get some of his insights, in fact, if you want to keep track I'm going to try throughout the next three plus hours to not only keep you entertained and engaged here on the air on NewsTalk eleven thirty w I said, but also if you'd like to follow me, we'll post some things along the way on Twitter, I'm at I'm at Scott Walker easy to know at Scott Walker on Twitter on Facebook at Facebook slash facebooKcom should say slash Scott k Walker and you could even follow Instagram. Maybe we'll post a picture a to Instagram dot com slash. Rush Scott worker as well. And so. A lot of people keep asking me. And I'm sure that a lot of folks tuning in today. And thanks, by the way for joining us here. We were going to have a couple of days filled with some great topics and great discussions botany. Are I'm going to have a spectacular. Guest. He's going to tell us a little bit about what's up with the president vice president's reelection campaign just over a year from now in twenty twenty and how critical Wisconsin is later today while the special guests as well. And then tomorrow you wanna tune as well on Tuesday from three to six here in the booth, but I've got some great guests as well. Many people ask me, so Scott, what are you internet and everybody doing well? Besides just being here today hosting the show Tonette, and I moved back to the Milwaukee area. Many of you know, we raised our family Joseph in fact, years ago, I laugh our kids are a year month day apart. And so when we were first living away toaster kids Matthew the oldest went to while. It does as L A Roosevelt elementary school met some great friends back. They're still friends with them today. Kudos to them listening right now. But I made certain knowing that Roosevelt was named after teddy Roosevelt. I wanna make sure that both my kids knew that. It was the Republican not the democrat their school is named after. That's right. And so I used to tell them that was teddy Roosevelt school. It was kinda cute. My my parents were a blessing always helping watch the kids and one day they were going pass the school with our our second son who's just a year behind and he said, grandma and grandpa next year. I'm going to teddy bear Roosevelt school. So I said little did. He know anybody who's listening knows your history. The teddy bears named after teddy Roosevelt says actually pretty Dave knows his stuff. There is no way. You know, exactly. What has talking about that our kids went there longfellow, and why would just east? I can remember many a cold brisk fall night at heart park down. And while it jus- watching the kids play football. And now instead of being at Hyde Park. They're probably over the years been a lot of hector's or Luke cer- left's all sorts of good places down there. To to enjoy themselves. But man acts are grown a lot of people don't realize this. They were in high school when I started governor east met went to Marquette, Alex went to university, Wisconsin, both of them graduated. Both of them are working Alex is in sales lives in Milwaukee. Actually, they both do together. Now, not too far from the Pfizer forum, which we'll talk a little bit about later Mathews joined up with a couple of other guys doing digital marketing firm called platform digital they do all sorts of cool things with that. So check them out and net, and I live not too far from them IMO walkie. So we're joined life. Some you asked my dad unfortunate last October passed away. And so appreciate all the people reached out to us there and my mom lives in Waukesha. My brother and his family lived there as well. So pretty good things going on. It's nice to be back in there. I literally today at a chance to fill in for my wife was supposed to be the guest speaker at a graduation ceremony for teen challenge. Which is a group that helps people recovering from alcohol and drug addiction. She's Tonette sick today. So I filled in for them before. Coming over. It's kind of cool. I told my apologies. I wasn't dressed a Dave concede. This that I'm I'm wearing a Marquette sweatshirt jeans and boots tonight thing about being on the radio. You don't have to dress up from where a suit it's a pretty good deal. But but I'm excited about being here with you today. I I didn't watch the Oscars last night. Although I hear a little bit about Spike Lee. Although I was surprised it really sounded like it was really only Spike Lee that kind of went off expected a little bit more of that and Gregory John who's on produces for J Weber in the mornings had a little quiz on Twitter. He had a question last night about who was going to win the the best movie. And I said, honestly, the only one I saw the list was Black Panther which I loved I would've give a double thumbs up the Black Panther. I loved that movie. I like all the marvel comics movies, so before we get into topic. So yeah, people are asking what we're doing Rebecca Mark area. But we're travelling the country I've joined a speakers bureau with Newt Gingrich. Whose wife Kalisz from Wisconsin people like Carly Fiorina, and Sean Spicer and general Kelly part of that. So just in Virginia the day giving a speech was just in on Friday and a little bit. I'm going to give you an update on that. I was at the White House meeting with the vice president and a little bit. We'll talk about that and the president. So we're gonna talk about the president's campaign. We're gonna get a little insight about how important Wisconsin isn't twenty twenty. I wanna talk about the long list. In fact, that may take us just two days to go through three hours each just to go through the list of of all the Democrats running for president United States. But I'll give you an inside. One of the interesting later is out of all the cans. I think there's only one who can give President Trump a run for his money. And I don't think you can make it through the Bremer. So I think I think people would be interested to hear who that is. And why I think that is and I'd love to hear your opinions on that just a little bit. We're gonna be talking a little bit about this not only an air, but I'll be at CPAC the massive conservative gathering on Wednesday and Thursday. Dave. I bet you didn't know this university pecks at it's in our nation's capital. But it's not literally in the district Columbia's Virginia in Maryland, at of all places, the Gaylord Nelson center that just make liberals go crazy that CPAC. Yeah. The the largest former Senator former governor of the state the creative Earth Day is the name of the center there in CPAC, the the largest gathering of conservatives have all different ages a lot of students and others will be throughout this week. And I'll be there on Wednesday and Thursday. But today, we're here. We're gonna talk about the the race in twenty twenty. We're going to talk about how socialism now exploding in congress with people like ABC, but in Venezuela, and unfortunately, imploding, talked a little bit about that with vice president Pence. On on Friday about this. And then we're going to talk about a few stages a little bit about the pants on fire. I'm amazed that actually pants on fire, but it was sort -rageous what Tony ever said the other day about marijuana. But I I wanna talk about an issue. Well, they realize wide open. I mean AFC to me in terms of talk radios the gift that keeps on giving. Whether it's here on NewsTalk eleven thirty w I said, or it's a national shows like Russia's and in Shawn's and others out there. But a lot of folks may not know this. I I've got a simple question. I want to read something for you. But we're going to open up the phone lines to the accurate mortgage talk and text line, which is four one four seven nine nine eleven thirty. That's the accurate mortgage talk and text line four one four seven nine nine eleven thirty. I want your opinion on this. You know, obviously gives us plenty of material to talk about. But I don't know if you saw this. But just last night, apparently, she was doing this. And when she was on Instagram. Live talking while making dinner last evening, apparently people do that. I do a little live stuff. I've been Facebook live maybe tomorrow, I'll do that little on radio here between breaks as well. But but get this AFC suggested Sunday night that people should consider not having children do the climate change because there is a quote scientific consensus unquote that life will be hard for kids. This is according to the daily wire story, she goes on this planet is going to hit disaster if we don't turn the ship around. And so it's basically like these are her words like there's a scientific consensus that the lives of children are going to be difficult. She said, I want your opinion on this a little bit more here. But, but do you think do you think that a OC is a good thing for conservatives because their ideas are so far out there, or do you think she's a real threat and not just yourself? But because there's millennials buying into what she saying out there, or do you think it's somewhere in between between the balance? Again. Join us at the the accurate mortgage talk and text line is four one four seven nine nine eleven thirty. You know, she went on to say, and it does lead. I think young people to have a legitimate question. You know, is it okay to have children. That was actually her question was that. The she said had it leads. It does lead. I think young people to have a legitimate question. You know, is it okay to have children, you know, absolutely wild out there. And she's been talking to you may have saw she went after Dianne Feinstein who had her own little episode the other day where a bunch of kids kinda rammed into office and told her what she should be doing. And she got a little intense about that saying she'd been in there for thirty years, but. Said Feinstein's response was like not good enough. These are her words like not good enough because the legislation democrat support is frankly, we're going to kill us. Now, I want to hear from you along the way, I've got some additional thoughts on this. Because you know, she hasn't just been saying this she's been talking about how maybe we should stop eating hamburgers as she said three hamburgers day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, my response to that on Twitter was frankly, sounds delicious. If they're if they're culverts hamburgers..

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