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The mix of all that all right quick break to tell you about good ranchers good ranchers since you quality american meat to your front door. We're talking amazing quality beef and chicken all from american farmers. You might not know that similar services that send me to your front door. The number one. They actually don't allow you to choose. Which means you want to come in your box but they also send you me. That is almost one hundred percent if not one hundred percent from farmers abroad but when you're using goodrich ranchers the thing that makes them different. Is that one. Hundred percent of their me is from american farmers. So that's something that's important to you. It's certainly important to our family to try to support american farmers as much as possible then. Good ranchers is an amazing option for you. You can either just go online. You know pick out your meat and get your one time box or you can do their family. Feast bundle option. So that's a subscription option where you're getting those boxes of meet regularly and the great thing about that..

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