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To adopt. But the thing is that they have surveillance video. They see him at like eleven forty nine pm walking across this plaza in downtown, Pittsburgh, and he's fine. He's not staggering. He's not talking to straight line. When Shelly said when she picked him up. He wasn't drunk. He didn't seem abra gated anything. He wasn't slurring and terrified findings like texting or doing something with this phone just walking across and he seems fine. And then he just walks down. This alley I guess the last shot, then they got was he gonna lead against the Wofford second. And then the cameras at the other end of the alley have water in them. They couldn't catch him, and then either could've gone left and then gone right over the Roberto Clemente bridge to go home, but the cameras didn't capture him doing that you should finish. You know, the there's that other piece there too. In your story, where he told her that he had on the initial case when he called her scared said come pick me up disoriented where he was he said that he had already spoken to a police officer in the cockpit blown them off. Yeah. That's what he said. He said, I've tried to have the cops the cops won't help me. And you know, I tried all these questions. I did ask all these questions of the Pittsburgh cops the DA's office Emmys office, they were very rude. Very dismissive. And you've got our answer. You can keep asking questions all you want. But you've got our answer treat a reporter like that. I can imagine how badly they treat the families on March six two thousand seventeen forty days after Dakota James disappeared. Roughly what nine weeks after the original call to his friend a woman walking her dog saw his body floating in the Ohio river ten miles from where he was last seen downtown. Right. Another thirty feet offshore. Which isn't that far ruled an accidental drowning the guy that's what they ruled it, even though there's no his body had traveled ten miles down that river, and there's a steel and concrete, Dan there that it would have had to go like over underneath there's no damage to the body whatsoever. And there's. It's the same type of thing. It didn't look like body wasn't a decomposed enough to have been in the water for that long. And the the mother also there. Oh, and the kicker is this is the horrifying, ticker. But so they the family never got just got an autopsy report they never they had to specifically request the photographs from the autopsy they weren't allowed to see Dakota on the mother was forced to identify him by looking at a tattoo on his ankle. They wouldn't let her see her own son and because Dakota's wish to be cremated. That's what they had done with him. But that we took a year and a half. But she finally got and just this past August, she got photos from autopsy. And they took it to Sarah wack this same pathologist to card looks like there's ligature marks around his neck. And then there's also there's broken blood vessels. It's tough amongst fingers the top some of the fingers on both hands. Like he was reaching to get that ligature neck often. Neck, whatever it was. And so he thinks that the.

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