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Have to be there to have the combination of skills and assets play at our potential. Once we've identified those we want the minimum amount the minimum number of those items once those are optimized and notice. I didn't say perfect once. All the parts are optimized than they harmonize into a single system in when we re point of harmony then there's an exponential output capacity this the emergent property of all the parts working together. You can look at a family for instance you could say well when everybody in a family is doing what they should be doing. Not perfectly than there's harmony in the family. And when there's harmony in the family then there's exponential potential to enjoy the experience and contribute to each other so therefore it's a different kind of way of looking at things we're not chasing a perfection in one single area. Were not downgrading. Any area to be averaged. Were saying that. We're looking to optimize all the parts that need to be in the system in once they're optimize they harmonize in the exponential and juggling. That is really the whole name of the game again. That's a cornerman issue. Because each of those balls that are in the juggling act has to be at a certain level that requires a certain level of expertise input to hold the level of performance required to maintain the exponential symmetry if that makes sense. That's the art. That's the art of the game right there. It's so good everything. I'm and so like the right here. The segment so good for those of you listening definitely go back and listen to it again. On this podcast. We use the yin yang. A lot as a way to illustrate. Just describe the the the whole idea of actually bring the harmony between the ying and the yang. We can actually. It's not about her. Affecting one area in that it's not about perfecting or or maximizing both is really about bringing the point of harmony soc now we work the best new drew truly optimize and from that space of harmony. You can play bigger and bigger games in. It's interesting because that goes exactly opposite of what human nature makes us. Thank human nature makes us. Thank you gotta be perfect across the board in everything to be perfect and put in the Formats that's complete mythology but yet you're not make sense to the human mind set that makes sense but it's champions mind. They know that that's not real in. Its actually not necessary so again. We have this human nature. Mythology talks to us in these platitudes of language. That all the experts talking about and we all believe in wagga heads in agreement the when we look at the champions mind day actually in invert that common wisdom which produces the outcome..

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