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On the aids and when it breaks all light volume of traffic all around the region as we haven't had rush hours for a while and it probably will be a while before we do know how to act at the bay bridge we still have limited wind restrictions that affect an old three oh one of the nice Middleton bridge we have wind warnings with no restrictions in effect there on ninety five in the Baltimore Washington parkway each running without delay between the beltways and all is quiet on two seventy and in Virginia on sixty six traffic continues to run well both inside and outside the beltway so about twenty nine it'll Carolina road should find the crash cleared Clifton road just to the east of will from Scholes road still closed for replacement of a power player and a Pacific Boulevard at Roxboro road the signals are dark they were blown down by the wind and so traffic on Pacific Boulevard has to make the right turn coming up to wax plane road on what school you cannot make a left turn onto Pacific Boulevard three ninety five ninety five each without delay all the way down toward Fredericksburg and beyond should finder lanes open with a light volume of traffic bobbin literally till he traffic still windy in the short term but late this evening the wind will be dying down and skies will clear how that will lead to a cold night tonight lows in the upper thirties to near forty in the district in the bigger cities but near the freezing point in the outlying areas and a freeze warning is in effect tonight for the US fifteen corridor and points to the north to the west mostly sunny tomorrow highs in the upper fifties to low sixties mostly cloudy on Sunday upper sixties to low seventies Monday showers and a few strong thunderstorms highs in the mid upper seventies.

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