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The kurdish and read the kospi he had been hi ben guys again so here's the thing obviously sparring generic social justice for your knee jerk reaction now never happen but kicking him out of his office is perfectly i love it why why is kicking him out of his office mayor if he was paying his bills and listen if i if nobody wants him as an attorney and he loses business that's fair game the problem i have is that you think about all the people who have said horrible things and that's the standard and you're gonna start kicking him out of his lease disbarring bring shame upon the guy has to get lowered we money rent money but then i really do hope that he fights this although he made he might have a great case you may choose not to wanna fight it justice sort of slip through the cracks outta sight outta mind but to me it's an outrage is like wait a second you getting kicked out of your your building that you have a law practice in it'd be like all those slip and fall lawyers down in brooklyn on court street as a whole building philadel filled with shysters those those liars for hire and say something that was controversial right you you're gonna kick them out of there was going to say you'd probably have to kick out almost everybody out of their law offices them after hours are drinking or doing whatever and saying something think something incredibly racist probably i names come to mind here hold on shake one eight hundred eight four eight let's go.

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