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Van you can find some of those cars for later, but it's just crazy. Like every she'll ever just brought him their car. All right. A pilgrimage to barris place here. Sorry. Here is Barra son on car cast from almost ten years ago, the funny part about it. Hey, years after the car was stolen. I had JJ arms a famous international detective sure they made an action doll after the guy had interchangeable arm. Yeah. Conflict part about it is I told him stories, let me investigate. He came back a month. Later says, you know what George, he says that car was not stolen from the truck was stolen before the truck, because he checked away station, all the way cross the United States and never change weight. So that means the car had been stolen from the dock in Florida. So whoever took it, it must be a collector, because it's not hiding it first off, hold on them, reeling criminals, and Florida ever ever heard of such, they're all such upstanding, citizens, JJ arms, by the way, was a detective who was like missing his arms. And they made some kind of TV show out of the dude, and then they made an action figure out of the guy yet, like a grappling, hook and a bazooka. I don't know if he cut his arms off to sell the dolls or if he didn't Vietnam. What happened? It was arms when his young boy firecrackers brew both of his hands, and that's how he lost his hands was for the fire cracker nearly days. And then he became famous he found Marlon Brando's kid he was really very I did a surveillance. Of course. Same wasn't really arms was it? Well that's the name. I. Spell it differently. Now he's still alive. He's gotta be in Florida. Maybe texas. Guys are they're never. They're never in Seattle, there in Florida, Kansas. Right keys. Right. Is born in Texas there. Yeah. What's his loyal name? What's JJ arms, Israel, name, how old is a khanate interview before he dies. And do we have the commercial from his action figure? We have the commercial right here you wanna watch anything. This file this under one more thing. I wasn't.

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