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Penn Fed, insured by and see way. Always John Sullivan still in jail. John Sullivan is in jail at home now, so a judge has allowed him to return home, provided he stays within his home and has a bunch of other parameter credit to the prosecutors, the prosecutors said. We want him to Remain in jail. Is that correct? That is correct. Almost universally. Prosecutors were upset with the decision from this judge that allowed him to return to John Sullivan is currently not in prison, but he is awaiting His trial, and I guess he pled not guilty in his original indictment hearing. That's my guest. And so John Sullivan is not in jail where as many other people who participated were We don't know what that judge was thinking. But the prosecutors are pretty upset about that. However, there are many different actors and people involved as well as this guy that we talked about at the end of last hour by the name this is Alicia Po, who wrote this really? Fact, just a really well detailed article is really well done on DIT Is this guy here? Mike Dunn, who took credit for being involved that he had forces involved. Reveled in it. And so I love our listeners Hear the Charlie Kirk Show and Sic Semper tyrannis is what John Wilkes Booth yelled before. He shot Uhm Abraham Lincoln. And so thank you guys for reminding me of that. And I think that there was a Seinfeld episode about that at some point, but I could be totally wrong. Obviously not nearly as critical are important. Ls there a G? I think there was I think there was it was the guy that was stalking Elaine. Yeah, Yeah, that s so he did say that, okay, not nearly as important, but there's a lot of good history and Seinfeld that time's awesome television show s O this guy Mike done at the end of all of his communications signs, things saying, Sic semper tyrannis. Which I think is some form. I don't know what he means by that. But I think we know what he means by that, Which is that he's trying to say that he wants to see people in power no longer be living, which is a pretty disgusting, reprehensible, reprehensible thing. And he admits in his own social media posts that he goes to be alone protests. He goes to trump protest. He goes the gun protest, basically wherever there's a crowd. These guys go into it, and he said in his own parlor post, and he called Trump a tyrant's this guy, he said in his parlor, post quote. Any moment to use to throw middle finger to tyranny should be capitalized on yesterday when presented with that moment, undercover boys b o I s went toe work the hype up the people. Something that we thought, you know, might be happening that there was agitators there people screaming things. They're people that were saying things That otherwise wouldn't have been thought or said, but also in other people start to react to it. And there's a wonderful book. I kind of think of it came out in the 19 sixties was a psychological book, just observe, observing how people operate in crowds. It's phenomenal and actually and culture did a political book on this called demonic 10 years ago, and I'll get the right citations. If the names escape me, But basically, there's this. Really thoughtful psychological analysis that has been done that when you're in massive crowds, you actually can fall susceptible to doing things you never otherwise would have done in your own individual state, and so we'll get the right citations and stuff for that, anyway. So, he said, hype up the people working alongside of others. Last sons not being solely responsible for the events that took place. Ah, breach was made into the building, which is rightfully ours to walk in, as we please, because our taxes paid for it. Not the way that works. The video posted is peace from several of our boys who provided Overwatch along with direction. The video does not incriminate anyone of ours and was sent to us anonymously by the last sons of Boogaloo Boys. This is our footage. Mike Dunn. And so Mike Dunn eyes definitely putting himself out there, and he said that we won't bend fair game now. Feds drew first blood years ago on so he is going kind of on this continual narrative. And then he also posted on Twitter saying that he, he said, We were not Real Maga. We were infiltrators. That is what he responded to on Twitter. And so again, you kind of had this mess right of all sorts of different forces. Is that fair Isabel, different forces, different ideologies. Different reasons for being railroaded were just so many moving pieces, and I think ultimately it's going to take a lot of time to unpack what happened last Wednesday at the U. S Capitol. But Ainsley to answer your question. I think it's convenient for the media and certain political actors. Blanket coverage this as some form of white supremacy and white nationalism because it's scary, and it's effective to get people to be terrified of what happened last week and let me be clear what happened last week is not okay in any way, shape or form. We've been very clear about that for the last week and a half or so, but just to blatantly assume that all people were there to exercise some sort of motive that was driven by white supremacy or racial tension, I think is intellectually just not all there. There there. Some laziness to that argument exactly right, simply because there were so many groups president the captain. It's chaos. Right? It was. There were groups that definitely came with plans and we went through Pink Cat Lady last week. She she's still at large. Right. Isabel Pink Catwoman is still at large. We're still trying to find her. S o. I want to go to clip here Which, as we've added to this, I also you know what? Let's go to yet. Let's go to cut 13 1st. Okay, let's go to cut 13 and I wanna be very clear. We denounced what happened to the capital immediately. And yet the left was perfectly OK with this as it was happening. Remember this play cut 13..

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