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To manufacture a crisis, stoke, fear and divert attention from the turmoil in his administration seems that's causing a bit of a stir. Tony cats. Tony cats today. Eight three three Tony that's the number eight three three four six eight eight six six nine. The speech from the president last night. Well, really went down a lot of ideological paths with people saying they liked it or didn't like it based on their politics. The question is how did it move Republicans and Democrats on the hill? How will it moves senators how move members of the house? Are they going to stand firm behind the president stand firm for getting funding for a wall? Is there a deal to be made one of the people? I had the chance to speak to is congressman Susan Brooks from the fifth district of Indiana. And did the president congressman Brooks make his case? Yes, I do believe the president has made the case and is trying to educate the American people about the crisis at the border. I will tell you that I traveled to the border back in July of this past summer. This was when it was in the middle of the family separation discussion, but what I saw absolutely shocked me. I went to a facility where. We were holding thirteen hundred over thirteen hundred boys. I think what he talked about. Last night is the untold story at the border. These were boys from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, about ages eight to about fifteen and our laws don't allow us to return those children to their countries. Now, their families are paying smugglers, untold amounts of money to bring them to our country because they know they will be cared for this really is a humanitarian tragedy and what's happening again. I'm really glad the president focused on that last night as the worst seeing unprecedented numbers of families and unaccompanied children being brought by smugglers to the border. We had over sixty thousand people come across our border in December alone new October, November December. Either off the numbers chart. I mean off the charts numbers over twenty five thousand of those were family what we're called family unit apprehensions that was in November alone. So we've got children many of whom are coming though without adults. We are taking the men were providing them healthcare, we're providing education, but they are in these detention in these facilities, then being placed either with families or people that we I don't think I've done a sufficient check on as to who they are that they're being placed within this country or we're holding them in dozens upon dozens of around the country. Let me ask you congressman Brooks part of the Indiana delegation. Congressman Andre Carson said that President Trump is manufacturing this crisis in from the response yesterday. Here is Senator Chuck Schumer tonight and throughout this.

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