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Fifty dollars. That's bitterly fidgets on education. Welcome back to on education and welcome to the best every week. Mike night take you through a list of our top things from books. The Games from people to ideas. So there's a lot of great things going on in education to be sure but let's be honest. There's also some stuff we could really say goodbye to like anytime soon this week. Five things in education. We need to stop doing now and I was thinking. Five is probably not even enough so this is a chat we stop to. This is one where people can just kind of weigh in and let us know what all things because there's a lot of things a lot of the news that we talk about. Are Things that we wish we could just stop but we we had the narrow it though. Sure otherwise we'd have many many hours of our top stops while rhymes. Yes so I guess number one but it doesn't have to be number. Why did we just saved by the homework? I was just wanting I was thinking about by amount of homework that my seventh grade son brings home and the amount of work that my second grade son is actually doing also at home and the value of that specific work is what I really of questioning. So we've talked about it before if it's a project that involves kind of getting US involved in my son's is lives and in their passions and it just happens to spill over that they're so pumped about doing whatever it is that they were doing at school they really want to continue it at home. Of course we want that to continue. That's awesome took the stuff that's Lies Andrew. My oldest son is actually doing as far as at home on a daily basis is very similar to the things that I was doing. A you know a long time ago. twenty five plus years ago. And it's basically kind of worksheet type of stuff and it calms the part. That really is frustrating. To me is both my wife and I are educators and I find myself sometimes where I can actually help him because I don't even know the you know the referenced the specific math whatever it might be because I haven't practiced it in so long. Whatever might be but then I was thinking to myself. I'm actually here at home and I'm at I'm a teacher for God's sakes at I'm having issues trying to go ahead and help them. What if they're bomber? Dad is working their second the second shift they you know they made dinner for them. They had to go to work. Date kid is there at home by themselves or whatever might be you know a limited amount of things. What if they are second language learner? What if a whole bunch of other things where there's just all of these priorities and this work gets counted as part of their great? You know as far as part of the assessment is a thing. We all know that it just bowl. It doesn't it doesn't really hasn't shown to be an effective way of practicing of getting more. You know learning at higher level. Nope we've showed that it actually just shows economic levels economic status and it does in my case because both my my wife and I just happened to make we happen to live this life where we do work a like us call it a quote Unquote Normal Day. In the afternoons we could help. Our kids were educator so we understand that we would want our kids to succeed at school. So we're trying to help them out with whatever might be sure. Yeah but it still pisses me off every single time. I look at the stuff and I made that goodness my wife Erica. She pushes me aside and it. Lets you know basically. Let's my son's do the things they need to go ahead and do and then make sure that I don't get my negative feelings out as far as towards towards that. But it's not their fault obviously and. I don't even know if it's the teachers exactly their faults. It's a culture thing that we just need a new colleague getting break. We need a break free of it and stopped doing this totally so I don't think I've ever seen a textbook that I liked Tectonics it gets worse as the years of gone on frankly to be honest even the textbooks in some cases. They're getting e like to be honest. The old textbooks are awful. Like I've seen some textbook especially the old ones that are like racist as how? Oh yeah in. Some cases completely like insensitive to yes who tons of different groups and ethnicities and and you know so old textbooks are awful and we know like there are still schools out. There that are using textbooks from the seventies and eighties for sure. Guaranteed like way in chat because there are definitely schools that are using textbooks that are twenty thirty years old still And those are awful but even new textbooks and these textbook companies that try to like the you know we talk about this all the time this this these textbook companies that. Try to games now. Oh turn the textbooks into games and so now we're basically you know it's chocolate covered turds for better words. It's not even Broccoli right not to know it's out in its option to just to make it look like it's something tangible but We all know it's not You know there's nothing I just and it it. It's just it's administrators not trusting their teachers to be creative with materials and resources and ideas and tools and methods. That don't require kids to sit and read a book you know to do learning you know. Learning from a textbook is a mile wide and an inch deep And and learning that involves getting your hands dirty and you know being in there and doing things and building things in making things and and presenting things in sharing things. That's where you know you get real meaningful learning outcomes and experiences and textbooks just simply don't provide that at all one of the best examples out there that if anybody wants to go to look at this When I did my master's degree I did it on the flip learning method and whether or not that was effective And Anyway there was a school in Byron. Minnesota just happened to be in southeastern Minnesota where actually used to live in. They were referenced in one of the studies and many studies that have been done on the flip classroom and blended learning and so on and so forth but the best part of the most interesting part was there was a group of math teachers. Basically they couldn't afford the new textbooks you know. They couldn't actually buy them and so they were. Like what are we GONNA do? Our textbooks are horrible. What are we going to do? So the district actually paid them and they spent a summer working together as a department and they created their own textbook curricula from the beginning to the end and not only the curriculum but all of the flipped videos. That went along with the curriculum brilliant. So that it it actually it all of the practice problems and related them to things that they knew were specific to their population their students and their whatever might be their things that were going on with them and they continue to revamp that curriculum super successful and I mean they paid. The district did in the paying somebody is called. They paid the teachers to create. The curriculum created the resources. And then go to deliver those kind of revamp of me cheer. I said you can't do that with everything but you know what? There's this thing called Google nowadays where? There's a lot of stuff out there as as educators we can become curator's and that's where we me and you we talk about for example school. Aji as a learning management system. The reason why we love that Platform is you can curate materials. The best of the best materials from all of the different resources that are out there. Pull them all together and then basically create your own curriculum detects when you can do that. You did that exact same thing. You knew what you needed your students. You wanted them to do as far as the outcomes and you created the curriculum that fit for computer science and they basically all it took. It took was time a passionate educator. An ad basically a wherewithal as far as how am I going to put this together with my end goal and so on and so forth so we could do that textbooks sucky yes. Let's do that the next thing that I was thinking about to Mike on this. And we've talked about this topic at my God. I get so furious about this. One taking away recess as a punishment and it's still being done in. Schools is still happens right now and I would say it's actually more commonplace that it's the opposite. It's actually more uncommon for schools to not do this. So stop taking away recess as a way of punishing you know as a consequence for whatever might be as far as behavior management. It sucks and I would say as I've said before the podcast agree with me. We need to have more recess. Time on structured. Play is freaking awesome kids of all ages. They need to get away from the thing. Be Able to socialize together physically active running around to different things. Whatever it might be have some different places for them to be able to do those things. Neon structure plays phenomenal. Don't take away recess from kids as punishment I just realized so I was telling you off. Air that We my wife and I just realized that this is a Sewing on -Tario it's called E. A. Oh it's the standardized tests in grade three and grade six in in the in the K. To eight system I think They do some other small tests but the main years are three to eight and we just realized that so is in grade six so this is an ao year for Isaac which means they his entire. Schooling is entirely different than every other freakin year. Because they are teaching to the Damn Test Calapan and we didn't we didn't click with us until a week ago in Cherif said to me. Hey I just realized if he's in great sex means he's taken that test and you know so we were going to have a legitimate conversation about because you can opt out of standardized tests in in in Ontario. You said that you can do that in Minnesota's well You know listen. You've heard US rant about listened to the podcast. This is this is probably if we were ranking these. This might be number. One is number one so I mean standardized tests just need to frigging go away. Pretty Damn quick. And they're they hurt kids they don't help the only thing that they do is provide politicians with political ammunition. Yes and and and and and talking points were like in there being right now. I swear to God right now in this Antero teachers. The labor issues standardized testing scores are being used by the Progressive Conservative government as talking points You know calling schools failing schools in all of this nonsense and their their than they say. Well how do you know? Schools are failing. And they'll say well look at the math scores or whatever and hailed It's it's all they do is an yeah. They provide the funding numbers. In a lot of cases for for schools they They don't in Ontario. I don't think anyways By by in a lot of cases funding and money comes from your your results in some places and certainly ancillary funding sometimes does and You know if you've ever.

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