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Our number two on Saturday, get together. We're sticking with the NBA and we're gonna part, I guess, up here in just a second, but much like our number one, I need to return. To photocopy and citizens Bank park. I mentioned Whitney chose started that. Wilkin DO the catcher for the Florida Marlins. Got an go ahead hit in the Marlins game against the Phillies today, and it was his first RBI in the major leagues in a decade. He went a decade between RBI's June twenty at the two thousand nine was the last time he drove in a run during the big leagues and I thought his praises for having deported tude to stick around for ten years in the minor leagues to get back to the big leagues. And he keeps his goal came back up and got a bit for the Marlins today. So they're interviewing among the post game show. Any needs an interpreter? What how he been doing the last ten years talking to Spanish all the minor league pitchers. They'd been working with I'm guessing dot every single one of them spoke Spanish, how does he not know the English language after ten years in the minors? Yeah he's talking right now through his interpreter to the post game show on the Florida Marlins. More AME Marlins television network. I don't quite get it. I still tip my cap to you Wilkin for coming back, ten years later, and get another RBI, but go on blowing glaze are about brother. You've been around ten years got. No that'd be able to do a post game interview Wilkin. We'll hold Wilkin and baseball for a little bit. We'll get back to that sticking with the NBA NBA had it strap this week. Ten days from now, eight and change. We will start the real season the off season free agent, which has massive implications for the NBA for the next five or six years, here to give them insight on that CBS sports dot com, NBA writer coun- ward, Henninger, here with us on CBS portray y'all. How are you? On their own. Well man, I enjoyed the one day off season NBA now we're right back. Yes, it doesn't quite go away. Where you was frustrated me watching the NBA draft the other night, because I'm trying to figure out how these guys can step in and help teams and now they're going to fit with their new teams when I realized nobody really has a team in the NBA coming into this off season. Because there are so many teams with free agent holds in their roster who have to wait till July now to figure out how they're going to match this with the rookies they selected. Yeah I mean you're one hundred percent right. It's hard to predict anything in MBA at this point with not knowing where all these free agents are going to end up, what I did like about the draft with seeing the younger teams the hawk the pelicans teams like that, who clearly aren't in the market for the big free agent and just seeing how they're planning their futures exciting young players that they're trying to get and obviously everyone's excited about Diane and what the pelicans are doing down there. So for the rest of the league, maybe a little bit confusing to how these players are going to fit in. But if he's on a couple of young teams it was a pretty fun draft fair enough. And I think I got a chance to be a hall of fame player when all is said and done is New Orleans gonna have the wherewithal to stick it out and growing pains and know that they don't have an intrinsic fan based of gin with is going to be able to keep all those fans. Happy all by himself right off the bat. It certainly seems like it. I mean he's been wandering the streets of New Orleans. And everyone's coming up through them and telling how much. They love them already, and it seems like he's really rejuvenated at franchise after the disaster of the Anthony Davis situation. So I mean, they don't just have him, you know, they brought him Lonzo ball and Brandon Ingram this guy Jackson Hayes, they drafted. Eight is a really big long athletic players. So I mean, they're going to have a really fun athletic team. And I think even if that doesn't necessarily translate to wins right away. It should at least helped get the basketball culture going into warlords. You also mentioned the hawks and I did like what they did getting Cam reddish, and the hunter, who they traded up for and even Bruno Fernando the big center out of Maryland in the second round. How quick can it land to move up in the Eastern Conference? Man, I love me some Atlanta Hawks. I mean this became a league past darling towards the second half of last season. When trae young really started to explode in and Travis linked to GM down there. He just really has a plan for what he wants to do. So we surrounding trae young that these long athletic shooters, and they have just infinite amount of athleticism out there. And hopefully Cam reddish, it's up and down. You hear different things about him some say he's one of the most talented players in the draft, some say he's the bomb, and he's never going to pan out, so you never know with these guys. But at least the hawks have a plan, and they are going to be incredibly fun to watch. And if trae young the second half trae young that we saw is the trae young that we're going to see in the future. He's going to be really, really good. I give me your take on it, Lanta and specifically on camera, she's going to be a potential star or a bum and a bust waiting. You know, it's hard for me. I'm so embedded in, in the NBA season that I don't get a chance to watch a lot of college. But what I will say is that situation and fitter so important for a lot of these guys and being kind of the third wheel at Duke. That's not for a lot of people. So if he gets into the right situation with the hawks they can kinda coach them up. Tell them what they specifically need from him on the court get him with some NBA training, you know, introduced NBA lifestyle I think that can go a long way for players. So he's certainly got the skill set, and he can shoot it which in the NBA is obviously a premium skill fair enough and one more Atlanta question. But when we move onto free agency, this past year, Vince Carter kind to help the, the Atlanta Hawks outdoors, I've talked to adventure could be dealt before the trade deadline veteran who can go help, but team news looking to make run and he begged off and said, I don't really wanna go anywhere. I'd rather just stay right here with the hawks. So we're going nowhere. Fast kinda surprising. Some people are certain I thought Vince would have been a perfect fit for, and he. Just didn't want any part of it. He says he's playing one more year. He's a free agent. Are we just to assume he's going back to the hawks to work with all these good young guys? I mean it could be. But you look at these guys who were later in their career, particular events was later in his career than most people ever will be. And you gotta start to think maybe the idea of getting a title is creeping into his head. So the warriors obviously a team that come up just because the roster so depleted, and they're going to need somebody out there who can place, a minute and Vic Carter was actually pretty effective last year with the hawks. And then, you know teams like the rockets teams that are going to be in contention and a west, that's kind of wide open right now. And even on the east you have those, you know, those teams at the top that that are looking to make the push to become NBA title contender. So I would backed Carter to join one of those things, but like you said he might just be happy going back to the hawks in working with those young guys and kind of making the transition into coaching broadcasting. Whatever he wants to do after his career Colin ward, Hannigan from CBS sports. Dot com. I guess here on CBS sports radio. I how energetic is the NBA room of mill going to be over these next eight days? Is there anything that can keep the rumors from flying into a minimum or do you just sit and pick and choose as you will, for, which is you want to believe, in what rumors are actually ones? They kind of ultra water. Yeah, there's going to be just so much, you know, quote unquote Intel being thrown out there and there's so many parties that have agendas, and you never know what to believe it's part of the fun of the whole free agency dog. I mean, the only thing that could dampen it a little bit if these guys come out and just say where they're gonna sign, but obviously most guys aren't going to do that. So it's gonna be crazy. The Durant injury kind of throws a wrench into everything just because obviously, we don't know what he's going to do. We don't know whether it's going to go back to Golden State and rehab bear. There's talk of him, perhaps signing the five-year max with Golden State, and then using the one year too. Have and then having Golden State trade him to the team that he wants to go to so the warriors can recoup some assets. So there's all sorts of MAC and nations. And then, you know, whatever Leonard does is probably number one on the board right now, in terms of anybody's free agent with, so whatever he does is gonna is gonna trickle down with Domino's. Yeah, I heard that rumor as well one that you just put for it that he'd signed with Golden State to make sure he gets all the max money, but then he would engineer the traded to t- me wanted to go to. I guess, having peace of mind knowing that you did all the money is guaranteed is certainly good for Kevin Durant. But if he wants to win another championship if you're going to a team, and then you gotta dictate that team and then they have to compensate the warriors to worry and feel that getting something out of it, aren't you compromising your chance to win a championship with your new landing spot? Yeah. One hundred percent and, you know, we saw this obviously with Carmelo Anthony, and he was planning on signing with the Knicks. But, but demanded that trade to go there early and made the Knicks give up all those assets. So if it does do that situation that we out line ends up going to, you know, the nets or the Knicks. They're going to have to match that salary. So it's going to have to be significant pieces coming back. So it was certainly compromised that, but it would also give Durant the peace of mind that he's not leaving the warriors in the lurch like he did with. Okay. See, and that they're actually going to recoup something for them. And then there's the matter of that extra fifty seven million dollars, which is nothing to cough that. We knew that toward the tail end last year. Kyri Irving wasn't happy in Boston. Boston wasn't nets aptly with Kyrie. He had made the statement before the year started. I'm not going anywhere. And now we know years. So we saw that one come in. I didn't see how Horford opting out of a thirty million dollar option this off season and that apparently is going to happen. What happened between offered and the Celtics. Well, I mean. Yeah, you talk about shock, right? Like the Celtics fan just harshest dropped when that news came out that Horford wasn't going to resign..

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