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The idea of because I've talked about this before like they would run matchy just vertically out of the slot at Alabama and Mac was great with that. Mac was great, 'cause it's covered differently. It's a little more maneuverable as a quarterback. Take Nelson Aguilar, put him in the slot inside devonta Parker, have Parker use his size to come over the mid like this is, you know, kind of a basic example, but Parker slants over the middle, that clears out you shoot Nelson agler up the scene like that, like that's the kind of stuff they're doing at Alabama, goes big receivers come over the middle and use their size and traffic, you take the quick receiver, you run them up the hashes where he's dealing with a slot corner of safety, not a boundary corner, like that's where max success at Alabama cut came from. It's where two are like, that's the Alabama offense. That's when they're at their best. That's what they're doing. They didn't really have that option in the slot. Myers a good slot receiver, but he doesn't have the speed. He doesn't have the speed to play that way. If Nelson Aguilar can start taking some snaps out of the spot out of the slot, that could be big. That could really change the way things move. Yeah, because I think a lot of us make sense. No, yeah, I think a lot of us have been this is where I was going with the next honestly. I wanted to talk about Nikhil Harry too, which we'll get here in a second, but this speed slot role that Nelson Aguilar could potentially play now that they have a true outside guy on the boundary and he doesn't have to do that. It's a big part of this trade in my mind as well because like you said, if you watch Alabama, whether it was waddle, a smithy, whoever it was, Matt Jones had to have had, I don't know the exact number. I mean, 50 plus completions off of over routes, right? Crossing routes going over the middle of the field. And like you said, it's a different route because what you're doing really is you're attacking the safety in the middle of the field. And you're trying to stretch. A lot of teams will play it single high, especially against teams that run the ball well, and you get that over route going against a single high safety, and you can run into a big pocket of space on the other side of the safety. And that's a big part of that offense. When you look at it and you say, okay, well, why does throw that ball well? That route, as much as it's not the timing Julian Edelman Wes Welker option route over the middle, you have to pace it out, right? Because the receiver is moving from left to right. And you have to be able to hit the spot with the ball. You have to be able to throw it to the landmark that coal receiver and quarterback are on. So that timing and accuracy is really important in order to make that route work..

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