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Was the the seventy fifth anniversary of the pearl harbor attacks out at hawaii and i understand sports going back to 1941 was not sports the way it is in 2017 right he'd agree with me would porsche are obviously pro football ball no though it has existed was not as national of a game as it is right now baseball kept going base baseball was very strong but remember the timing of it know what was said the december the sabbath right to 1941 okay so you're talking about the baseball offseason right so the sports that were going on professional football game in i'll give you another example epa go ahead finish appeal of football was was playing but obviously wasn't the national game that it was right now so i i'm curious you know avoid we're talking about calfornia which was close enough to hawaii in pearl harbor in right eye how how they react it and i have it done enough research out mom i'll it's actually make my dad's area i take due reaction for baseball to continue into next march probably was not as yet either you you've because would've of pearl harbor did is it really united a country run an even though the country wasn't as politically polls of park in different areas it is today i think nicoletta united on the athlete standpoint of how much how many of the players if you want to jump the right ended started involving themselves in a war everybody want when they hachiyo not on a ted williams well it think about never wanted lawyers very by to come on on his call give us a call 7325459282 two seven three two five four five nine two a to let us know where you wear what your reaction is on net tuesday morning john you know i'm gonna give you a better example and this is something that now the commissioner at the time pete rozelle regretted for years later excuse me when kennedy was shot and kennedy was shot in november could nfl season was a fullforce an interval backed and evil isen the monsters today or low starting to grow in which measure with television uh be result has said distillate boos people's i said this before the worst mistake he ever made was playing football the following sunday when it when it when the.

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