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Have to stop pretending that politics is religion. And were fighting over nonsense. I personally where my mask when I go out. I don't know if it's all that effective, but I do wear it When I go out. I just I think it's ah courteous. Toe wear one. And if it will help, you know, just if it'll help one person. Well, then I've done my job. Ah, I don't know how effective it is, and that's why we're having a conversation between a couple of doctors today we're going about and join 1/3. But is talking about masks whether or not they're effective in the way we're doing it and 95 masks make sense to me. They made sense to me when they were telling us that mask don't make a difference. Saw that is a way for everybody to stop buying Mass. So you could get enough at the hospital because it seemed to work at the hospital. But, ah, the masks that, for instance, that I wear that my wife has made and so many people are making Is this? Just the kind of the last hurrah of masks? Does it? Do anything we're talking Tio. We're talking to Dr George Rutherford, Epidemiology professor at UCSF. Do those handmade cotton masks make any difference or a scarf around your face? Yeah, As long as you put it over your nose. It makes a difference. You know people who wear these Underneath their nose. Like there's some, You know, some some half baked bank Robert, you know, work.

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