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Forward to try and that it Kinda cheats. Appreciate your time today as always. Thanks Andy appreciate it absolutely, Tom Winner, one of the folks that we try to keep up with in terms of getting our products out to market directly. They've done such a wonderful job of finding. Value added opportunities and providing those. Wholesome fresh high-quality dairy products. In many different forms and many different tasty forms. Very easily accessible here today. On the big show, it is twelve forty three by the way this segment of the show brought to you by our friends at hurts real estate services, farm, farmland, auctions, brokerages and evaluations hurts real estate services time now for the three big things you need to know. Looking for bright spots in overall bearish hogs and pigs report Jason Franken and economists Western Illinois University says you can find a few of them if you look hard enough fee, says pork, exports, and very good. Seven hundred and two million pounds of pork were in March, primarily headed for China and Hong Kong. However, Cova nineteen is also expected to negatively impact you as pork exports through constraints on processing and lower world, economic growth and income for the rest, the two thousand twenty, and into two thousand twenty one. So that's one of those bearish signs but he also does say that. In terms of constraining slaughter rates in demand. Calvin nineteen and the lower prices may continue to do that, but he points out the adjustment to the breeding inventory less than anticipated and a softening of domestic export demand could continue these low prices in the near future. Asking for inclusion into the next round of assistance from Congress is the Turkey producing producers. We talked quite a bit of course about some segments of the industry liquid eggs for example that were left out of Sif up well, how sad committee chair. Collin Peterson is now said. The Turkey growers weren't treated fairly in the first of the program Hacks Hagstrom report rather has a piece out. Peterson wants Turkey producers to get it on the next round of corona aid to come out of Congress adding that in quote, my opinion, there are many producers who weren't treated correctly by the program including in Turkey industry. That's why they've been working to provide data to quote USDA so they know how much financial assistance will be necessary. Momentous occasion formation of US MCA placing after. Renegotiation Process, obviously, it's been a long and arduous but I. was Senator Charles Grassley the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee who shepherded the deal to its final passage is hailing today benefits for Iwa Agriculture and American actress new agreement will provide certainty to our farmers and ranchers and update Nafta and other important areas, and I've already mentioned digital economy, but also custom sanitary and phytosanitary Masur's and technical standards, and even helps on intellectual property. Now. He says that it does a lot of things to help gain access fairly to our neighboring countries, markets, including ending thirty years of Canada blocking imports of us, dairy, wheat, and poultry. It is twelve forty six on the big show clock. Can those are the three big things you need to know? We're GONNA. Finish the big show stronger as well look at market numbers that are near their highs for the day and the week, and my longer than that probably Paul loosening our expert marketing analyst with West Commodity. Is Coming your way now..

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