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From ABC news. I taught at at Saturday's Iowa Democrats steak fry California senator and presidential candidate Kamilla Harris not pleased to hear about whistleblower claims the president trump called Ukraine's leader and ask for help to go after presidential candidate Joe Biden son hunter for his business dealings there during the Obama administration Biden is not calling for impeachment but Harris says this is why she wants impeachment proceedings they will co host with a foreign government to manipulate an election is in my opinion and that is against the interest of the American people and our democracy several candidates seeking the democratic party's twenty twenty presidential nomination attended the event in the morning this week a man on the F. B. I.'s most wanted list maybe in custody in Greece the suspects fingerprints have been sent to Germany for further examination the sixty five year old man was arrested during a routine passport check that's what an official with the Greek Interior Ministry tells ABC news suspected of being involved in the nineteen eighty five hijacking of T. W. A. flight eight forty seven it left the U. S. navy officer dead former FBI agent Brad Garrett now an ABC news consultant or some fugitives are much more adept at moving around and sort of under the radar in not raising any suspicion the alleged hijackers serve time in Germany paroled in two thousand five and returned to Lebanon the US still wanted justice Chuck secrets of ABC news and is prime minister Narendra Modi's arrived in Houston Saturday for a special trip to the Texas city for Sunday's Indo American chamber of commerce event and energy stadium but it's not the only world leader that'll be on stage speaking to a crowd of fifty thousand president Donald Trump will be joining modi'in energy Houston in India are business partners you may remember governor Greg Abbott traveled in the last year and met with prime minister Moti Houston India trade is worth more than seven billion dollars annually as ABC's Tom Abraham's president trump heads to Ohio Sunday to meet Australia's prime minister and hotel magnet Barron Hilton has died Thursday of natural causes this is ABC news..

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