White Dominant Society, Governor Newsome, Bernie Sanders discussed on The Mark Levin Show


Talk now. Look he's attacking larryelder which which means. He's a bigot. He's a white supremacist. Isn't it amazing. Only people of color they agree with our worthy otherwise they right wingers. No good this that and the rest of it. If you read american marxism you'll understand the whole schmeer. It is go ahead at this unprecedented moment in american history when we're trying to address the crisis of climate change health careful and pass real guarantee healthcare. all. How does that work seriously. Where does it work so everybody has a right to see a doctor for free. Have a right to see a doctor whenever you want whenever you want. Who pays the doctor the government. Yeah well why would somebody go to college and then medical school and residency and all the rest to be paid. What a postal workers pay. Why would they do that. And i'm nothing against postal workers by the way. There's some of the nicest people i know. I'm quite serious but so why would anybody do it. And this guy this guy. He had to do anything that he knows how to run everything but what is what does it mean free healthcare for all do they have healthcare from the. Va anytime that walks in. He gets whatever he wants or she gets of course. Not what does that mean. You have access to. Every drug of course not free healthcare. They havoc uber. You know they have it in every fascistic marxist regime free house get good peppering your own toilet paper why we don't have any toilet paper. Give any syringes. No you have any. You have any any medicine. No you have any food here for now. Bring your own toilet paper. Go ahead as thing. We need to have some white wing republican. God look kelly. Dehumanizes larryelder an african american. Look how demon some right wing republican governor right what. Excuse me excuse me. Are you a klansman. are you a neo nazi. What are you bernie sanders. What are you so white supremacists vermont is obviously a white dominant society. Wouldn't you say much like martha's vineyard. Were obama likes to go ahead. The september fourteenth goal of governor newsome is boldface republican howard. Ready lies see. Not only does he talk with cotton and marbles in his mouth. It's a bold face public complain planned. No no a lot of democrats and independence sign this petition flat but i can say it but by go ahead please turn your ballot vote. No in person september fourteenth. There you go ladies and gentlemen another feeble disgusting pathetic. Hate american jerk jerk off i went. You're listening to something important. We played the mother of one of the the murder. Americans soldiers from the wilk. Hell show off now. I'd like you to listen to a father darren. Hoover was on fox and friends with ainsley. Earhart cut sixteen. Go how're you doing. How's your family. We're getting through it. You know parents should have to bury their sons or daughters. It doesn't worry. It's not supposed to work that way and here i am here. Mommy's here sisters are and their husbands as well as well as as grandparents and aunts uncles cousins and he's got two nieces as well that are only going to grow up knowing him by what we tell them on. What would they be able to see just from the the pitchers and stuff that we have so. I'll know that their uncle is a hero did. Did you have an opportunity to talk to him recently. i did. I talked to him before he left and we talked began. There's been approximately a month month. And a half ago while he was stationed over there and he was upbeat. He was happy just very positive about what was going on. When was his tour supposed to end home. September fifteenth my god lord. I've said it. But i want to underscore this point talk about a white supremacist. Nation wide dominant country and joe biden was leading the charge. Systemic racism the military. We need to check their social sites. They need to be part of critical race theory. The joint chiefs staff had millie and a humiliating leap absurd appearance. On capitol hill plays into all of this promotes all promotes all the use. Our military to social engineer. You have sex change operations who have ideology being pushed and the democrats and biden of sided with all of it against the military. Something horrific like this happens. Have you noticed. There's a little respite from all this. We don't hear about that about our military but they will be back. It's like we used to talk about the nypd and the new york fire department and so forth with tremendous respect honor. Now look nine eleven happens. Who do we rely on them. Left ghanistan who do we rely on our military the point is when these horrors occur. It comes to light. But when they don't occur. These are the same men and women who deserve our respect. The same.

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