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With the wreck near the sixty they're off, right? It is slow passing the scene on watch for that crash. Fifty first avenue at bell. I'm Larry Lewis KTAR news, and we're going to have highs in the upper to mid nineties with sunny skies over the valley the Cinco de Maya weekend cooler with clouds on Monday to start the work week. We have eighty seven and ten p weather brought to you by Howard air every day you get three KTAR news expansions, eight noon and five fifteen minutes of confer -mercial free, nonstop news, traffic and weather from renters warehouse, the professional landlords. I'm Peter say more two minutes financial and family vice from Dave Ramsey on KTAR news when you're thinking of remodeling, your home, don't settle Dave Ramsey here of. Of course, I want you to be smart with your money. But that doesn't mean you should hire a remodeling company that cuts corners and compromises on quality. Instead, call my friends at trae vac remodeling and turn your largest investment into your dream home. Whether it be a gorgeous addition, high end kitchen or luxury bathroom grades travek will sit down with you to create a budget and do an amazing job from construction to completion. And don't just take my word for it. Trae back has just been named one of the top remodelers in the country by big fifty this prestigious award is given to less than two percent of remodeling companies who display exemplary professionalism business, practices and integrity. So start living. Like, no one else in called travek. Call today at four eight zero three six seven eleven seventy one or Trey back dot com. That's T R A V E K dot com and tell them Dave sent you. Join the greater Phoenix chamber and the city of Phoenix on June thirteenth.

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