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Lou trump the department of justice don't let those are one boys off the hook i'm glad he's tweeting about this kind of stuff because you know this is the debbie wasserman schultz the only she had the i want boys especially imron one on the payroll their wives and other relatives on the payroll he tweeted this yesterday says our justice department let's not let our wan and debbie wasserman schultz off the hook the democrat it scandal is a key to much of the corruption we see today they wanna make a plea deal to hide what is on their server we're is the server really bad so i want of course as we've told you over the last year or so worked for debbie watson named shultz and other democrats has not been charged with crimes related to the facial duties in congress but philip kick oh they cheap administration officer of the house set an april that the houses inspector general quote discovered evidence of procurement fraud and irregularities and numerous violations of how security policies by one another it employees connected to the case against one is drawn the interest of the president of the republicans they've been suggesting that i want could have been involved in cyber breach operation one's legal team has denied those allegations but he's been in court i want and his wife they're facing allegations a engaged in a conspiracy to obtain home equity lines of credit from the congressional federal credit union by giving false information about two properties and sending the proceeds the individuals in pakistan by the way one of the individuals has terrorist is that doesn't really matter fill are you jumping to a conclusion you can't have friends that are terrorist is that what you're trying to tell me court filing this week said a plea agreement hearing for a one and his wife have been set for july third before us district judge tenure chuck can in washington that filing didn't reveal any details about the terms of the up here in agreement with the court documents last month prosecutors hinted that a deal could be in the work that i hope they're not gonna sweep this whole thing under the rug but they've been doing it so far haven't they lorde this thing is.

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