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This is just this weird. Who believes this stuff of people? I mean other than Bill Maher. This. This is how you get more Trump. I mean, I hate saying it over and over again. But this honestly is how you get more Trump. So us mocking. It was on his show on Friday night where he was mocking people. And he he was acting like, well, that's you know that. People in red states are jealous that blue states because we're so prosperous, etc. Is that what you guys have pooped patrols and California. Do you know they make one hundred eighty four thousand dollars Cain just lost? It. Are you done with today already? You didn't know that hold up. Let me let me send the poop patrol. Yeah. Yeah. It's a real thing. They I tweeted this actually just the other day because somebody was like on. I'm like, yeah. It's one hundred eighty thousand dollars. They're geniuses employees have San Francisco's poop patrol earn. Seventy one thousand seven hundred sixty dollars a year, plus an additional one hundred twelve dollars and nine hundred twelve thousand nine hundred and eighteen dollars in benefits. And what they do is they go and clean up poop because people literally crap on the streets. And then somebody I follow somebody that I follow that. I was talking to on social media yesterday tweeted a picture right when he walked outside of his apartment. There was a guy who has pooping on his car in San Francisco, and he took a picture of it and put it on Twitter guy, just bare but out to the world pooping on the side of his car. Leaning up his against the car pooping on it. All my gosh. Yeah. They actually have that. So tell me about your with your high taxation and the ridiculousness that's going on in California. Really? And in New York, we pull this up as well. So many people in California. Are leaving to come to Texas that we have like a whole real estate market here called for the California buyer. There's a study that came out from Katie UV FOX Katie UV in Los Angeles where it's an Oakland. Sorry, where it said that a new study on California's exodus say more people are leaving the state then moving here. Yeah. They said since two thousand and one about four hundred and ten thousand more people the entire population of Oakland have left California for the Lone Star state then arrived from there. Yeah. I don't bring your voting with you. You mean a democratically controlled state? Yeah. L? There's more last year just last year last year, and as donated nine thousand more adults with graduate degrees. They they're talking about people who are leaving the state. They've all they broke it down. All these demos. Older people younger people graduate degrees undergrad degree. I mean everywhere. More people. Are leaving than actually stain. It's crazy. And they say that there was an additional one hundred eighty five thousand people that emigrated to the state last year from an outside country. Orange County Register September of last year generation plans, an exodus from California. Their net domestic out-migration. According to the American community survey has tripled to over two hundred forty thousand annually. And they say that this. They've lost a half million people have bolt coming from Los Angeles, Orange County area. The bay area is the focal point of their current of their boom, but they lead the country and overpriced houses and everything else. Yep. People are leaving. And they say that the biggest exodus of people are those around those a child of child bearing years around childbearing years the largest group leaving the state twenty eight percent is thirty five to forty four. The second place is twenty six to thirty four. The third forty five to fifty four the analysis of why over number of studies is taxes poor educational performance signs of slowing growth congestion and the biggest the distortion and living costs. I e housing. Yep. Yep. I mean, I can I can study study study after study after study after study after study foundation for for. This foundation for economic education has a whole thing can California survived there. Middle-class exodus. And it's not just that it's a business exodus. In fact, there's a piece that was written in one of the financials says business exodus from California is more troubling than sanctuary policies. There are tons of businesses from California that are leaving and relocating to Texas. And not just Texas Boise, Ohio, Ohio, Boise, Idaho. I'm trying to say Reno in Idaho, together and Reno Nevada are there. They say that they are capitalizing along with Texas. The most on the California real estate exodus. It is unbelievable. How many people are this guy? See I think for you to be funny. You kind of have to be based in you need to know and be aware of what is happening in your world in order to riff on it and Bill Maher clearly has no idea what the hell is going on. I don't know if he's left his Wolfgang puck bubble. I just I don't know. But I just think that's the fun that I was like the most recent thing he could come up with, you know, he sells knife block sets at Costco, Bill. Why don't you sit here on hold him up as like some sort of haute cuisine kind of litmus test for people and fly over? With your scarlet. Gosh. I just I don't know. He's. He is the foodie equivalent of Amy klobuchar eating salad with a with a calm. I don't know. But I see this kind of stuff. And I'm like, I'm like, I'm not offended because I feel like they think they're better than us. I feel as though these people are trying to convince themselves that they are better than us. Of course, Bill Maher only does thirty seconds stuff. There was remember the time. There was this skis ball who I have never met in my life. Who tried to say that? I tried to pitch him something. He's like this runner, by the way, some friends of ours who do stuff with Discovery Channel. Apparently got him moved off of a thing that because of the way he was like trying to. Yeah. Trying to me out. I guess because he's struggling that bad in Hollywood some skis ball, like an era of Weinstein is anybody surprised that like some like, I don't know who this guy is like some flabby like sixty year old looking dude. Who's like? Oh, yeah. She tried to pitch me something one time. And I'm like, I had I've an agent like an agent or one of the most respected agencies in the United States buying a hell would I go to some like, nobody third rate show runner and pitch. You something not knowing you from Adam that makes zero sense. Gosh. Can you quit Meena skis? Ball gross. No. Thank you. And Bill Maher repeated it like it was gospel truth on his show. You know, because that kind of stuff fits with his scarlet, and you know. His his hookers whole thing right and his boomer humor with his. What is this Wolfgang puck stuff? I mean my gosh seriously. If you were trying to be row that was a highbrow that was a spectacular fail. Anyway, hope rather is something I wanted to remember for future purposes. Yeah. So my goodness. So we have Steven Yates is going to be coming up on the latest Venezuelan everything that's happening there. I'm fascinated by this huge risk. That is developing within the. Democrat party. And I want to be able to get to the story that's going to be happening. All this is going to be a top all this week. If we have time because this. There. This Texas judge ruled that. That women should actually could actually be eligible for the draft. But it stopped short of saying draft them. And if I have some time I want to get to that if not I'm going to ahead it tomorrow. But it comes by way of this judge in Texas, gray Miller. He said that. Although historical restrictions on women serving combat may have justified past discrimination there now equally able to fight restrictions for women in military service were lifted by the Pentagon in two thousand fifteen and so they they couldn't I mean, they could see an end to the selectives. The ruling could see an end to the selective service system which was upheld in the supreme court in nineteen Eighty-one. Now, this is very important to me as my oldest son is going to be turning eighteen soon. And this is a very important to me. But I do say, this is what happens when you have social Justice warrior third wave feminists that go out and do the stuff that they do you wanted a quality. Well, this is what you're talking about. But you're not only talk, but you're, but you're endangering everything. I don't agree that women should be drafted. I don't agree with the draft period. But I also think that a society that does not honor and respect it's women is a society that I don't know is worth fighting for. And Furthermore, I think that these social Justice third feminists have done more to set women back. I one of my. Greg grandmothers had said before that women worked so hard to get out of the fields and these damned feminists put us right back in there. We work so hard to get out and be with our families and razor razor children. And he's damned putting us back there. So it one of them said, so we're going to we'll we'll hit that. If we have time if not we'll roll that over to tomorrow and take calls on that. But we got Steven Yates who's going to be given us the low down on this and all of the stuff that the president is doing this week..

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