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Association. W T o p News time. 5 48 Eastern standard time, traffic and weather on the eight and when it breaks Dewey and Crawford in the W T o P traffic center, a couple of new issues to talk about will begin in Maryland on the Baltimore Washington Parkway North bound from the district line, trying to get to the capital Beltway. The crash activity near 4 10. I believe the fire department Maybe they're park police on their way now don't have any information on Lane Ege. He had been followed the first responders lead and you'll get by just fine. Sound bound. No effect. No delay the ongoing crank activity on the inner Loop Service road to college park. I believe that's the on the rent. They would take you south on Route one toward college, part proper lead that ran remains blocked by the crash activity. That ramp to go North is OK on the Beltway itself. The only lingering flying the ointment is going to be that work zone after New Hampshire Avenue with atleast one left lane getting by on the district side looking for a new crash D. C. Tu 95 North down near Benning Road with the with the first responders heading that way now With caution as you make your way between Eastern Avenue and the 11th Street Bridge. I tu 95 his issue free. So is the Freeway between the 11th Street Bridge and the 14 3 Bridge across the 14th Street bridge into Virginia. 3, 95 and 95 as far south as Fredericksburg. In the clear, 66. No reported delays between Haymarket and the Roslyn Tunnel, he and Crawford w T o p traffic and now we go back live to Lauren Rickets Storm Team four meteorologist Lorna Chili, You start to our Sunday. Yeah, it is. But not quite a chilly is yesterday. We're starting off in the forties and fifties right now. Yesterday.

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