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A wild one two teams combined for twenty penalties for two hundred thirty nine yards bangles at one point lead seventeen nothing final score steelers twenty three bengals twenty chris boswell a lastsecond field goal to end it bed rock was burger threw two touchdown passes one to levy on bell the other two white tonio brown bellowed seventy six yards on the ground one hundred and six catching meanwhile ag green at a couple of touchdown catches from andy dalton again steelers beat the bagels 23 twenty and pittsburgh improves to and into the season are elsewhere from the nfl for the first time six 19th seventy six the giants fired their head coach in season but not only do they fire ben makah do they also fired gm jerry resold was a full house cleaning steve's bag takes over as the interim head coach and there's a report suggesting eli manning we'll be back in the starter's role sunday against the cowboys patriots' tight end rob grin caskey's fifty one game for his late hip his best sunday against buffalo jimmy smith suspended four games he tested positive for performance enhancing drugs heisman trophy finalists lamar jackson brice love and baker mayfield all right to the nba we go cavaliers have now won twelve straight they beat the bulls won thirteen ninety one chicago's now lost nine in a row worried one they beat the pelicans one 251 fifteen put steph curry sprained an ankle late eleven mri on tuesday elsewhere mavericks over the nuggets one 22 105 jazz beat.

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