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It is seven o'clock I'm Jim Shark, and I'm Jamie West. Good morning. President Trump comes to the Valley Today. His emphasis is now on Latino voters, which is largely a new group for him to go after. Sir, We have team coverage of the visit coming up. Then, after we check in with the tour, Dan the Corona virus had Arizona nursing homes hard and we're now learning it also exposed problems that were being ignored for a long time. Now our top story Arizona votes President Trump will be in the Valley this afternoon is part of a campaign trip across the Western U. S. Katya, I was Jim crosses live in southeast Phoenix near baseline. And I 10 Yeah, Jamie, About a dozen of the president's supporters here now outside of the ballroom in Arizona Grand Resort to the White House. The Latinos for Trump Roundtable event will begin at three o'clock this afternoon. Sally political expert Emily Ryan copper stake and sold in the Latino voting population is not a presumed large part of the president's voting base. And it could indicate that the Trump campaign feels a need for him to reach beyond his standard base and try Tio. A sway and went over some new voters. And this will be a quick trip to Arizona for the president landing at Sky Harbor before three o'clock, with departure out of the Valley, set for around four. Live in Phoenix Jump cross. Katie Our news said, Yeah, no plans to attend the event and says the president's visit is significant volumes as to the level of character of this leader that he's willing to take time out of a presidential election to come into a state like Arizona. Sit down and hear from us as Latinos. Piano is part of the Latinos for Trump Advisory Board. He says Latinos who backed Trump do so for several reasons. School choice talking about jobs and opportunity. And the list keeps growing. GRISELDA CITY No Katie Our news Jeremy Foster with results of a brand new poll out this morning showing President Trump fighting an uphill battle here in Arizona abide and is currently at 52% support if the election were held today, and President Donald Trump is at 42% Mike Noble with always predictive insights, tells Jr the president appears to be struggling with older Republicans, whether it be handling of the Corona virus pandemic or a recent spate of tell all books Donald Trump is turning off older vote. Noble says Trump's support among Republicans. 55 older has dropped from 78 to 69% since March. Jeremy false News Thank you, Jerry. Let's get over to Ah, Deterred. And now in the Valley Chevy dealers, Traffic.

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