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Seven hundred yard radio station. Relationship. Very good. Let's see what happens. I'm Chris foster, Fox News. That's what President Trump's tweeting about his cut short meeting with the leader of North Korea. And there are conflicting reports about why the talks broke down live in Hanoi, Vietnam. Fox's Simon Owen Chris North Korean state media calling the talks candidate and constructive. And also making no mention of the fact that the summit broke down without a deal, but Kim Jong UN's top diplomat is taking issue with President Trump's claim that came to mandate all American sanctions on North Korea be lifted saying actually the country only wanted partial relief and another member of the North Korean delegation. Vice foreign minister Chosun we saying she believes came may have lost his will to continue with negotiations. Chris Simon Owen in Hanoi. I'm Jay Inslee. And I'm running for president because the Washington state governor says he's the only candidate who make climate change the nation's top priority ends lease adding his name to an increasingly crowded Democratic Party presidential field. He's sixty eight years old from the Seattle area. Governor since two thousand thirteen a member of congress before that there's a report refuting President Trump's claim that he had nothing to do with getting a top secret security clearance for his son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner, New York Times says even though Intel officials then chief of staff John Kelly and then White House counsel, Don, Mcgann, hang concerns. President Trump told Kelly to get Jared Kushner top secret clearance. The times reports Kelly was so disturbed by Trump's command that he wrote a memo stating that he had been ordered to give Kushner the clearance. The paper says it's not clear yet why there were concerns over Kushner's clearance. But questions have been raised about his ties to foreign governments. Joe NATO in DC consumer spending a half a percent in December. That's the biggest drop in nine years. According to the Commerce Department incomes were up in December down in January. The spending report.

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