Rockets, GM, President Trump discussed on The DA Show M


Scorched flag on jay berman will start with the baseball scoreboard before we get to the basketball news of the day in the third inning pirates have opened up a four one lead on the raising pittsburgh meanwhile john lackey getting lit up by book hubs apart me by the nationals nationals lead the cubs in the third inning five nothing read news in rent don't already have home runs orioles and blue jeans the fourth inning up in toronto blue jays leader wanted nothing jose batista his fourteen th home run royals lead the tigers one nothing in the fourth brewers in front of a reds q two one in the third ryan brana homerun adam duval a home run talks tudor nothing indians in front of the rangers to nothing in the third couple of final phillies got past the mariners five two four robinson could now danny vallancien kyle singer all hit home runs for seattle phillies got home runs from joseph in kelly the giants beat the rockies five two three all right now to the basketball news of the day the clippers of train crews paul the rockets for patrick beverley lou williams sad decker in a first round pick next summer of course the day began with the news at bill jackson out as next president with two years and twenty four million dollars left on the contract is signed back in two thousand fourteen gm steed mills will run the knicks through free agency mix.

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