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Well, to be honest, we take them on Bizet, so we try to take them on multiple visits. We feel it's important that you know, even if they're leaning towards one school that we show them, you know, other schools that have been interested in them and to be honest, we let them make their own decisions. We try to make give them the information. So they make an educated decision. And yeah, that's that's the best we can do, but it is ultimately up to them. They've earned that right, and they make their decisions. So they've all done that. And yeah, it's been great over the use this show in particular on ESPN radio, the sporting life, and I know you're an avid listener. Oh. We shut the house down radio on, and that's all we listen to. We have. We've discussed a lot over the years. The very serious issue of brain trauma and football in not just what ball, but other sports is well, and as the mother of a four football playing sons, how do you view what now we have to regard is you know, what are the biggest stories, biggest public health crises of the twentieth century, at least in sports in the United States. Yeah, it's well, I've done a lot done reading on it and I can't say a lot, but I've definitely done some reading on it, but I honestly, I don't have control. I could never say you can't play because I'm worried about you. They would dismiss me and write me off. So I did not see that movie concussion on purpose because I feel like it's spate there's nothing I can do to prevent him from playing if I felt that that was the right course of action. But all of them, all of them learn how to keep their body. Shape. You know, Christian does a thing called Giro stem where he goes into a like a lab and it looks like a sort of a modern amusement ride, and he does things to keep his brain intact and Brandon shape, and it's all it's it. That's the that's what most people do when they get a concussion. It's therapy to get better from a concussion. And he does it as preventative, but also he can have his mind be the sharpest two can be. So he can maybe avoid some of those hits. You know there, you know, education's coming out every single day on this topic, and we just try to keep abreast to it and try to do the best we can to prevent at all costs. But yeah, Ed actually is the one with who had tons of concussions and some pretty bad ones at the end of his career. So that's I worried about him, but he seems to be okay, you know, to be, we all a lot of our both Eddin I in our kids. Got this got a blood test, and there's ways to tell if you're susceptible more susceptible to concussions and brain diseases, like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, all that in this. Test, and fortunately we don't have that gene. I couldn't tell you what it is. It's a scientific term, but there are things you can do to see if you are more susceptible to it. That's not to say that none of my kids are going to get a concussion or haven't had one and several, but Ed has recovered from them, you know, whereas I know other players don't seem to recover as well, so so that's something we've done to try to prevent it and hopefully void it in the future. We're speaking with Lisa, McCaffrey mother, Christian McCaffrey, the Carolina Panthers second year, running back the runner up for the Heisman Trophy three years ago. We you're watching the games in the game is so fast, and it's so violent and your sons are are targets out there. They're all still position players. Did you watch you know in enjoy the game, or is it? Is it hard for you to to be witnessing it? It's it emotional roller coaster. I feel like I gray by the end of the game. I hair grades. No, it's definitely very, very, very emotional. You can't get too high and you can't get too low. That's something I've learned by watching wide. I can't turn away and I just ripped my nails apart to the point that they're bleeding, not a great habit, but it's, you know, my gosh, after a win if they've done well, there's no better feeling in the world. Lisa, your thoughts about the upcoming season for the Panthers breaks down for us Panthers Super Bowl, champs, bam. Next question..

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