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Chicago, New York City, CBS discussed on WBBM Morning News


Back are still blocked the only way to get into downtown from the drive is by using the access points through Grant Park next traffic reports six fifty eight newsradio seven eighty one of five point nine FM WBBM accu weather be on the lookout for a couple of showers and thunderstorms through early afternoon they could have a heavy downpour than some sun background seventies to low to mid eighties later today we're seventy three at o'hare midway lake front it's seventy two I'm accu weather meteorologist you divorce Chicago's weather station newsradio seven eighty one oh five point nine FM WBBM news time six fifty one CBS news special report an eight PM curfew didn't keep protesters from being out around in New York City the included doctors and nurses treating covert nineteen patients how racism affects our patients and their health and their lives to save others but the demonstrations were mostly peaceful CBS's David Begnaud caught up with one group headed to trump tower there marching from the town everybody is behind the line and the organizers were strict let me tell you in fact at one point they were chanting we will not agitate the police because we want to get home safe no one advocated anyone really and the police let them all in the street so to speak president trump has said that the whole world is laughing it states where protests have turned into riots pope Francis isn't laughing at all the.

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