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It. Goes up really fast. It's really neat. It buys you probably a good minute minute and a half extra tie with that flame going maybe even as much as two minutes it just depends on what kind of petroleum jelly us. I don't know which one's better than the other but it works. It's it's just one of those hacks that's great you know and people walk around. Bugs insect repellent. Okay spray that on that stuff is highly flammable and it works so it's just It's just hedging your bet I I pulled out a little. Ej Snyder in me Last fall well not fall and a summer. We go camping every year and now it's not an Ej. Snyder style camping. We we rent a camper and we actually have the camper. Yeah is that glancing. Because the fucking ten isn't like a king size bed or anything in it but we got a firepit so my youngest daughter step-daughter is a girl scout so one of the badges that she can get as fire starter so I got a piece of Flint and a striker and we actually let I taught her how to light the fire with the flint and we got a fire going with just flint and found so. She still has that with her. She carries it with her. Favourite show is naked and afraid in her favorite character. Is You believe it or not. And it was like off she goes is that the one daddy interviewed. I really like him and my wife. Christine is like yeah. And she's like he's my favorite guy. So that's awesome prejudice because you're bad and that's how she is you know she's like that are humbling. It's very humbling. How much of a hero you become too to not just men and women across the planet for in my case but the kids and you know it's like action figure doll action figure kind of level hero in its in. I'll tell kids all time. Your parents should be heroes. I'm just Appreciate you think a hero and I'm glad to be your hero but you know your mom and Dad. Those are the heroes soldiers. Fight THE WARS. The first responders like now. There's some heroes right there you know I go out there and just try to be a good influence to show you how to get out of bed days. It's something love doing something. I'm good at and You know I've been put to some really tricky spots you know. They recently in two thousand eighteen I arrest raced et staffer. Who's a British lower survivalist? Usery kind of an extreme guy. You know God bless Ed. He you know he was. You know he's going to do this. Show so for six months. He's training he's doing cross fitting and Kito so he knows all the places he's gone. I get called up on Christmas like right before Christmas N. wants to raise you in this new show. We want you to come down. Help US build the series to consult for us a little bit at this because you built series before on these other shows and great at and I'm like Hey I'm the skull crusher as and drinking a beer eating pumpkin pie thing I'm out in the best shape my life. I need a few months to get ready for race. I'm your closer you want me for the last race race. Six guys on number says all right. Well run it up. The they called me back the next day said he will see five weeks like Jesus lose a few pounds. I gotta get ready for this guy coming one way or the other one in the best shape of my life but you know. I never back down from a challenge. I'm GonNa give it everything I had dropped about. Fifteen pounds got in there and through the.

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