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He he literally was like yeah. We squashed it her. You know whatever and then it came out so I was like confused. Wait was he lying or was it worse. And then all those crazy tixx came out it was just a big jumble of freezing drama and was like okay how can I remove myself from like this type of drama like I was just kind of like going in trying to you know figure out if I was going to like somebody your date somebody and I somehow to Burley overly involved in a ton job so now we go to present day? Who Do you drive running into a Bachelor nation events? A lot of people. I'd say probably if we're going to be honest let's just be honest. Yeah a lot of people but like no one. We're GONNA name. I think that you guys probably don't WanNa run into Blake Ortega. I don't having an issue like do you have initiated. Only have an issue with that work will now. I mean you know it's awkward but like again from like from what I was perceived as on the show I feel like Could have been perceived as something else. So I'm trying to take that into account. I'm like you know what like I don't really hold grudges if if we're all just confused in exhausted and not even sure what any truth is at some point on the show that. I need to give them a break So I mean now that's awesome you guys. Also you have like a group of friends from these past two seasons of the Bachelor and Bachelorette that like there's so many breakups and so much tension between so many of them. How was your engagement party when you had Hannah Brown with Jed and with Peter at the same place it was Super Fun? I don't think anybody really interacted with each other but it was actually very peaceful. There was so much going on and people got their different times and things like that honestly. I was so focused on having fun and I think everybody in a sense kind of had the group of people so I don't think any weird paths were crossed. Luckily because that could have gone super downhill but it was really fun. I had so many friends from you know Alabama out there Dell had friends from all over so we were having just as much front. You Know Fun with them as we were with our bachelor friends and stuff so luckily it was very peaceful. So you're good friends with Hannah and did you help her. Get on the show. I don't think she needed any help. Getting on that show at all but I had one of the producers reach out when we took a picture together story or something. I'm last year and he was like. Whoa is she's single like you know and I was Kanye. I Dunno whatever and she was in a relationship and then they ended up breaking up and when I got back compared shoes. Hey it's kind of random but remember when you asked me or I told her something when the producer asked me I was like I was like. Hey I know you're in a relationship. Bow Funding producer from the bachelor asked about you and she's like Oh that's funny. Whatever and then after paradise she had like after my paradise they had ended things. And I KINDA WANNA like look into it. I don't know maybe maybe not I was like why not like just like goes if it's your thing whatever and I don't think I helped her but she definitely put a good word. I'd definitely put in a good word but you know I think she definitely would have gotten on the show regardless of me. You're probably right. Yeah so when she insinuates on after the final rose that Peter reached out to Hannah Brown during their engagement. And you being friends with the hand of an and Peter and Hannah Brown gotTa know what you know about this whole lot. Yeah I don't I don't really know that was definitely news to me and I think it's also like at the end of the day between the three of them. I guess it's like anybody's friends like just because they're on. Tv into many people are invested in it. It's like like my my normal friends who have been on the show back in all the thing if they had something weird going on like. I don't feel like it's totally my place to lay copying or try to like get a bunch of clues. I didn't even know that Hannah and like had been engaged or anything so it was very much like I told her I was like. I'm here to support you in whatever ways like you know and I respect it because you can't just be like proper information like there's more to a friendship than trying to figure out what happened on the show so I was like your back you know. Just let me know if you are struggling with anything or if you just want to chat like as a friend not talk about bachelor stock so those kind of the role that I played in it and whenever some spoilers came out I just kind of reached out and I was like hey like I'm here. Whatever and let's shut after so well. Hey we're all bachelor nation. This is one of the wildest seasons I can remember. I kind of forgot Hannah that you were so closely connected to Hannah. And I figured you'd know you would have known that she was engaged. But it's probably glad it's probably good that you didn't because the last few weeks would have been so confusing because you go from being engaged to be broken up to then seeing Peter Still in Chicago with Kelly. Here's we've got breaking news as of today Dylan Hannah Ashley. Let's take a break. We'll come back and I want to speak to the two of you about who you are where you're going what the future looks like for the two of you as a couple a social distancing tip while the CDC urges you to avoid close.

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