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He got bailed out. Now is in the UFC is a marvel superhero. Yeah, sugar village exhausted after this. You. You're attained all of that information and I'm genuinely impressed. I I remember all of that about one dude, and it could be my God damn brother He'd be like I don't know what you fucking yesterday. I'm excited I'm excited for. Weight, because we're getting joggers. Burden. It's super nerd versus the Ninja. The Super Nerdy by the age old question back to the middle school. But a injure or a Geek. I'm excited I'm excited. And then. We got kelleher versus cody stayman. Cody is a guy who great fighter gets unlucky. His last fight he. Put Him in that weird. Leg Twist. Split thing he's a guy that beat Tariana where you'd be Bryan Caraway Okay I was a close fight. He's got. Is used cody stay in Corey San. So no code is a tough tough guy in cody is now. I gotTA look up who Corey San Hagen is. A good fighter, also a battle, rapper either way. He's not a bad rapper. He's made a couple tracks. I'm not kidding. Bob will be the best wrapper on twitter for fighting. Who wouldn't rap battle hymn or would Li? A rap battle. Around would these last song was really good all-round battle? Keller statement could fight tough one. Keller's got a great guillotine. Beast and he's got a girlfriend. You look into my show. Herbert, Burns, which is go burns, little brother that has a win over that psycho that that our show last week the guy from the Hicks what's his name, the nate, the train he beat naked rain or Way Burns is giving its Gobert. Oh, brother, whereas Evan Dunham I like Burns I don't know I haven't done them i. don't know where he's been. The fire on this card. They just added a US was not going to see website. Donald's last fight was over two years ago. and has an almost two years ago. He hasn't WanNA fight since September twenty sixteen. I mean so email Algo Gilbert's brother. Was a huge have done fan. Sean shirts one of my favorite flights of all time. He's Evans his brother. His name and Gilbert brother. We start doing that knowledge into stealing. Antics walking. No offense beds, but like. Like wasn't it Rashad Evans? Brother, who couldn't even make wait on the ultimate fighter or Klay tweet his brother that could need to find a scale ultimate. Brothers and ship Channel Sisters Mac Sarah's brother..

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