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This technology able to sense based voice changes before for you may be able to and pin you Oughta know some kind of message reminder call on to met you know and in a little grass. It's moving all you are able to adjust your time and rate of stage just to a to the appropriate to help that customer low it enhances the orientation thing enhances that interaction so I think onto level. That's fantastic one is. You're helping our society of people that have been pro challenge postmodern stress disorder. And how to deal with that. So that's one part of it but cleverly bringing that into service because people do get agitated. There've been waiting for a long time on a problem. Do not ringing because happy. Something's gone wrong and if you can bring them along that journey get them down and get things I saw because a lot of times and service tasks sardis contact centers. Were trying to fix the problem for focus on finding an answer rather than the individual answer we might not be as responsive to them to kind of calms them down and get them to produce again. I do said that emotional connection with the customer and I think as a you'd you'd find you in our customers ringer desk. You know our colleague a lot of them call with challenges and problems but when they leave. They're happy I'm people who services just to be happy at wrong and fix and they were happy fixed. So does things break as much as I often do. It does but the journey that we take someone through to self any shoot the way we make someone feel that. That's still so the court to Acumen way is but that's that's going to change. I don't think it has. I don't think it has. I think maybe it gets lost little bit in the technology and the lower cost kind of conversation. We might come back that another day. I think there's a day session in that. Small role must open time. But there is something go want to ask you to just mention you can elaborate a little bit You're you have a aliases. So you're also known own us. Go with this. The service management mixologist. I and a human API EH. Before we finish I those I want to expand on what the mixologist is. A mother does the. API IS I wanted to. The the human happy actually is really easy to explain The majority of people will probably need is know what an in fact Sam. We're always doing that trying to get to different things to talk all the time..

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