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A chip over Snake River every time. Let's say if we were to define the idea of being on stage is just a pure pleasure in just being on the stage rather rather than the the laugh because a lot of times. There's an emphasis put on the laugh. If we don't get those laughs it got really bad it would take the cut. Oh can I smoke coffee. Thank you but if we take off at emphasis then it's even easier to to to create what we're creating. Do you feel that. Yeah I mean the less pressure. I have the more relaxed and I'll do better. Some about is like I'll I just fucking doing but there's also if you're too casual you can fuck up and could forget lines can be me too casual on stage. So there's there's always a tight rope in terms of all right. I want it tight but not too tight and loose. You know the head space centers. In Sunday's It was before and I was like really uncomfortable. I'm not sure how this is going to go. I haven't done this thirteen eighteen years. No one here knows me foreign crowd but it's not you know there's a lot going on in my head and it's you know you and I have had this discussion. That turns Bobby Deerfield is not me. You know what I mean. I tried to play it like that's my friend. reclined I'm as manager. You know what I mean and do you try to keep that separation because I feel like that plays into it. And that's important to the out of the character and zero respect. Bobby I really. It's kind of fucking nuts because I realize yes. There's sounds like schizophrenics I do it but not really. It's it's just like the way and actors carrying over his character. You always hear the stories of actors who are very protective over their work. In their art burst. They're stickler about it. So I was like I made this deal with myself before I was going on and I was like just be Ukraine. Just be like you're the stage manager guy for Bobby. Just be cool and just have the gear setup act like a Rhody so I said all the gear up and all that I love it. Yeah Yeah and the deal I made with. I'm going to walk out and then I'm going to put the hat and glasses on those glasses on. I'm talking about you know that's how do you feel that it gives you more freedom to just be completely focused in what he his mind was. It got really intense really fast and and I knew like art. I don't know if I can hold on for too long so I put the glasses on like right before I got on stage and still uh-huh cool and I'm not a decker. No I'm not I'm we're sharp okay. But I'm somewhere else cribbage. You're safe now. Let's cardiac yet I have not yet. It's still puts into my coffee taken over that. Yeah absolutely I mean Ukraine and with that one has been drive. Is that Roman there. It's delicious uh-huh my God. Is there any of them have left this issue is the drake from a little announced. Impose Exergen Duggan viramune. I got on stage and I'd fuck in somewhere else. Thank you. It wasn't me that was Craig you could've total. I mean seriously you do an audible of that you know you just have a night of sending the foam around record the audio record that year we can do that easier. Yeah yeah absolutely booming eggers. I need to work this story under a little bit. Let's find right. It's perfect one dragon. Dragging the character. I yeah just imagine like this. This guy he's dragging the dragons do not know what my because he never think about those jobs when it comes to like fantasy stuff like the people who have like someone just killed a dragon. Someone's gotTa take some dose on Wall Bradley Bradley Edward Second Alabel Money. That's all I got in Germany. We will talk more even more later about other things. Feed.

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