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The same ancestors dawn's was batons was themselves me moderate algeria an would not reptiles his hardline stand they are basically closely related to birds in fact goods uh don so it's really art birds more closely related to the dinosaurs than martyr reptiles are my understanding really from the file logistic tree at the american museum natural history is that birds and dinosaurs uh this really the same thing to the death of asia was the reptiles as what i'm saying so saw got birds being the descendants of dinosaurs without mentioning the crocodile and is that true is at dick's the product i dunno crocodile as the worst bird mislead terrible durres neither of us is it is a is a is a paleobiologist but but so all i can say is i don't they were never dinosaurs the size of new york city buildings this all right and i all i want to say is is there a limit to this universe i would say at salute lee yes seen that not everything that can exist does that sunni for do you he noted it's an educated guess uh i think an was i don't think so they can exist that you think doesn't need something that can exist well for example the mathematics of of of say uh of relativity describe things like william holes in you know quantum mechanics has its tacky owns these leading star trek is unreal labor like if i am it again emitted again pulse i would say 'infinite universe contains an infant number of things but it doesn't contain everything that you can imagine i said the laws of physics still have to be obeyed uh well i so i'm with you on that so you're not going to have that empire state building sized reptile because you can't hold a selftaught jack was a very interesting about this they teach this i don't think teaches outside of like physics what a one by so so as you get bigger yet your volume grows.

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