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I'm looking at. You want James is, uh, Twitter handle. It's at Juwan James 17 Juwan is spelt J w u a N James 70. And some of the some of the tweets that have been directed at him. I, uh I think that they're really unfair. Joe Joe, some of the things that are said About a guy who was recovering from a surgery where he was trying to get back to play. Um Mean Twitter can be really, really mean. But When a guy is in the hospital, knowing that he just had surgery. Uh, What it can be really mean why I saw that. An hour ago. He posted surgery went well appreciate everyone reaching out always remaining positive and striving to be better than yesterday. The comments after that tweets Are So not friendly. No, man. I mean, look, look, I understand I understand how You know, it's it's very easy to hide behind your Twitter handle. And controls somebody like that. That you? You know, you may not be a fan of But, you know, look The guy got injured, doing everything he could so that he can come back and give the Broncos everything he had. And it just didn't work out right? And I just remember my time as a former player, Um Grinding, getting ready. And doing everything I could. I'm glad I never got hurt in the off season. Like all of my injuries happened during the season, a zoo matter of fact, all of my end injuries happened in the game. So, um Well, that's just that's just smell. You smell that. That's most like you didn't practice very hard. Well, it's and I know you did. I'm just giving you one of the business. This hardening man. I mean, this is really disheartening. Some of the things that people are saying, of course, like you said. People aren't using their real names. They're using these, You know their hide behind their twitter and you know Which could be anybody. I mean, it really could, unless you actually use your name and call it out there. I mean, like, Benjamin. All right, said all right, NFL unfollowed him any time. Hey, uh, before we get to the initials game, you want to get to our best bets of the night. Let's do it. Let's go. It's time force. Show me the money. Show me the money with big al and Joe. Joe. Tell me, Jerry, Buddy. Yeah, shopping. Presented by Monarch Casino Resort Spa Download the bet Monarch cap today. Hey, Coop. How did How'd everybody end up doing last night? Everybody went to widow Except for me. I went one on one. Did you take the Dodgers? No. I had the Astros and the range Astros won the game but really scored seven and I needed nine. Yeah. My goodness. Had you taken the Rockies last night? Remember? I was talking about with the over under was I think it was 12. They won't wait a holy cow. I mean, the Rockies were up 10 to nothing at one point last night. And then they obviously blew the top off that. All right? So tough eight. Oh, my goodness. Look, here's what happened. You know, so the avalanche when the president's trophy, and I'm like, okay, I was all amped up. Didn't think I was gonna be able to go to sleep. Went to lay down, clicked over to my phone installed the latest score update. And I'm like Does that say 8 to 10? Oh, hell, no, We cannot have this happen and ended up watching. The end of the Rockies game, and they ended up getting the dub. All right. So super producer Qiu who by the way couldn't get out of last place for the entire first quarter of the year. After we reset the standings Super Producer Cuvee is in first place, said eight and four Am in second place at seven and five. Dragon is in third place at five and seven, and the big fella is coming out of the cellar. He is three and nine, but still in last place, which means he gets to pick first. Well, I'm going to the association and I am going to pick the Denver Nuggets at the Detroit Pistons, the Nuggets of favored by 8.5. I think that the Nuggets will cover the 8.5 and the 2 17. I'm learning something about the Detroit Pistons. They like to run up and down the court. So give me the 2 17 as an over and give me the Nuggets to cover.

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