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I'm like, Kansas. Like that man. Just wave we're gonna we're gonna have to jump you easy. You got to spend you can't just go out there and catch the biggest wave and right right in. Msci. What was your first time out here, man? I actually came out here a long time ago with my dad and wrote in like a buggy, but that was basically it I wasn't driving that was kind of when I first started trophy carts. And then like RJ said my first times really coming out here and actually doing and kind of coming out and driving myself was camp razor probably five or six years ago on for a while now. And now we're here, and this is one of my favorite places to come. You know, it's it's so fun coming out on razor and doing and shred with your friends, and it's also fun Glamis is one of those cool places where we all come out and runs camp together. And it's just a good time. I think that's like it's truth. I mean, it doesn't matter if you're doing short course, or desert. I mean, you guys both on both Matt's been around the industry for longtime doing a bit everything. But like there's not many places even like the mid four hundred after the race you're decompressing after race. And it's like you wanna have some drinks have a good time. But it's still it's like, I don't know. There's so much going on this is one of the few times or places in this. Distri where we all get together. And just like you don't have to worry about anything, go out and have fun. And you know, you're with your friends. Yeah. That's that's one thing. I say is who else has this. This is Halloween weekend. Peel living coming to the dunes for Halloween weekend for years, but this holding weekend, everyone, no matter where you're part pad five. Wherever you are. This is this is camp razor. Yeah. Yeah. It's. They've stamped his damn to. And they've been the weekend starting from the inception of it was really cool because you know, they just wanted to reward their customers and doing away that actually gave them something back gave good experience. You know, you look at the repair line. They're repairing cars for free. That's still blows me away. I'm like, I always asked. Hey, so what's the math on that? And they shake their head and go don't ask that, right? There is the reason to buy razor. Yeah. I'm here by razor go out in the dunes. Hey, if you do some stupid like we all do happens every once in a while. Gosh. Hey, pulled right in we'll fix you out. Does that? Yeah. No, no one. It's really cool to see it just again what I really like about the platform about the whole UTD platform. Is it just makes it accessible everybody for years growing up in this culture? Tell people about Glamis tell people about riding in trophy, trucks, and all this stuff, and they couldn't grasp it wasn't something that the average person can come and do now with these vehicles. They can. And that's what schools we ride around out here in our big posse of people, you run into people that are just you know, they just bought a car and their first weekend or they just started doing it. And they're learning the dunes, and it just it's really cool. It's almost sounds like a sales pitch. But you don't well. You know, come we're coming to camp razor, but it's not that I have to come here. I don't have doing that. Right. It just goes to show like there's so many people here, and they've been we've been doing it for five or six years now, and it's like. It's it's not dying. It's getting bigger and bigger every year. And that's like, it's not fish. Everyone loves coming out and having fun. This only would I not miss camp razor. But I mean, Frankie Ballard's coming. But it's not G eazy cheesy. Dollars. And we just got him to shut off as music. Well, you know, what you said something earlier though, you know, you're talking about razors. And I think talking about coming up, and I experience and stuff like that. I think one thing that I know me, I, you know, I don't wanna say I'm late adopted a UT industry. But it just wasn't there. When I was a kid growing up. It was like I learned to ride in the desert. It was on a dirt bike and quad. My first experience behind four wheels. No, forget about three wheelers..

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